General Help needed again. Who's a keen photographer?

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    United Kingdom Catrisha Evesham
    Hi all,

    It was a pleasure meeting some of you on Sunday and I look forward to doing more with you as the website progresses. Here at The Engine Room (The Engine Room | we're run off our feet preparing for Civic Pride Week. Some of you will feature in our video of course!

    Meanwhile, I'm looking for some images I can use of specific cars.

    2010 BTCC Team Dynamics Honda Civic Type-R
    2003 BTCC Honda Civic Type-R
    1974 Honda Civic 1200
    1987 Mugen Motul Civic Si
    1984 Team Yamato Honda Civic
    1997 EK9 Civic Jordan
    2016 Synchro Civic Tourer
    1993 Civic: ‘Red Lightning’
    2015 Honda Civic Type-R: ‘Urban Camo’
    2016 Civic Sedan: ‘Orange Crush’
    1996 Civic EK: ‘Bumblebee’

    1993 Civic: ‘Space Odyssey’

    Any images supplied need to have the right permissions too. Please only email me if you've taken the photo yourself or can definitely confirm we'd be ok to use it. We'll be able to credit you on the site and potentially agree remuneration, depending on your rates.

    Any help you can offer would be most appreciated.


    Cat Dow
    Honda Engine Room - Content Editor
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  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Missed this thread, I have been following up the trail of input on Facebook and twitter, the problem with the older Civics is the images you have are going to be the best you can get since they were club racer taking them.

    @HondaHeritage aka slim you want to add anything?
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    United Kingdom Catrisha Evesham
    Hey CJ, the problem hasn't been finding images. It's getting permission to use the images and possibly getting a downloadable version of it, rather than just taking a screenshot, where the quality is too poor for anything larger than 800px.

    We're struggling with Motul Mugen image but we're about there with all the others now.

    How's your week been?
  4. HondaHeritage Moderator Staff Team

    slim london
    hi cat
    did you get my emails ?
    more information coming in this evening if you require it
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    United Kingdom Catrisha Evesham
    thanks for sending those images. i have 102 unread emails, so perhaps yours is one of them :Grin: i'll look now.

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