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    Hi, found it difficult to post a question is reason why I ended up here. Please forgive me.
    However, I have a Honda HR-V 2001. Sadly there were no HR-Vs in North America, not until 2016. And the dealerships are a no go area, when it comes to parts for anything pre dating 2016.
    So here is my question, which of the Honda brands has same engine as HR-V 2001 model? Or say, close to it. This just so I can buy some parts for my HR-V. If you could also advice as to where I could get used HR-V parts in UK, I will be most grateful. I am Canadian and live in Canada. I don't see myself coming to UK anytime soon, but need some parts for my HR-V. This HR-V was shipped to Africa in 2015.
    Thanks and I appreciate your help.
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    Hello mate if you tell us what Engine is in your HR-V will help, the more info you can give us the more we can be direct in helping...