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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to seek some advice if I may, we bought a 58 Jazz about 6 months ago from a main Nissan dealer. It has recently been diagnosed with a gear box problem (rattling sound), they have taken the gear box out and it has been sent away. The main bearing has worn away? We have driven about 3000 miles in the 7 months. When we bought the car we were given a 12 month warranty. I am a novice with cars but the Nissan garage have said that this isn't covered under the warranty, they have quoted £621 as a repair price.

    Should this be covered under the warranty and would there be any mileage in contacting Honda direct? We love the car and have had no issue with the car, love it in fact..

    We just lack the knowledge to know if they are being honest or not..

    Thank you
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Stuklee2002 :Hey:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. If this isn't covered by the warranty then what is ?

    I doubt if Nissan gave you a Honda warranty, it would be some other warranty. You want to look at the warranty policy and detail and work out on what grounds they have refused to honour the warranty.

    I hope someone else can give you a more positive answer.
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    Hi @Stuklee2002 and welcome to HondaKarma.
    Really sad to hear about your Jazz. Just for the sake of clarity there were two different Jazz available in 2008: The 2002-2008 one called GD and the 2008-2015 one called GE. I am assuming you are talking about the GD as those were known for having input shaft bearing noise issue. Earlier cars were almost guaranteed to suffer from it however in later cars updated bearings were used so bearing noise issue hardly arises but there have been such cases. Honda at the time honoured extended warranties of up to 7 years (in extreme cases but 5 was norm).

    This bearing does not start making noise overnight and its a whine that develops over a couple of thousand miles and slowly gets worse and worse however I have never heard of any failures, ever. Anyways, this im putting here so you know what is going on.

    A poll on a specialist site documented which model years were affected.

    Now for the actual issue: Bearing gone within 3000 miles tells us that the issue was there when you bought the car however as you are out of you 6 months window during which the burden of proof is on the dealer where he has to prove that the item was not faulty when it was supplied; you now have to prove that fault was there when you bough the car.

    Quoting Consumer Rights Act 2015:
    Six months or more

    After the first six months the burden is on you to prove that the product was faulty at the time of delivery. In practice, this may require some form of expert report, opinion or evidence of similar problems across the product range. Find out more about how to return a faulty item and claim a refund, repair or replacement from a retailer.

    There is precedence in this case where this is a well known fault and I see no reason why it is not covered under warranty. It is not clutch or brake pads that are consumable items. I personally don't have any experience in dealing with dealerships or manufacturer but I am guessing if you contact Honda, they will ask you to supply a full service history from a Honda approved garage which is easier said than done. If I were you I would speak to the Nissan garage who supplied the car and be a bit firm in your stance but not too much that this is a known fault and you are ready to go to small claims court.

    £600 sounds about the right price though but thing is when you take the box off, its recommended that you change clutch etc as well so the costs can only mount.

    Sorry to hear about the misfortune and I am pretty sure other experts will pitch in with their opinion too.
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    It all depends on what's in the small print. Have a close look at what's on your warranty. I would expect this to be covered. :goodluck:
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    Thank you so much for your input and advice, I will go into nissan tomorrow and see what they say.. I will update this thread with what they say.

    Really appreciate the help guys

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  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team


    I've found that being clear and assertive, but not aggressive, generally gets a better response.
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    :goodluck: @Stuklee2002 - sorry to read about your troubles. Will keep fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

    Agree with what others have said - if the warranty doesn't cover that, what use is it? Unfortunately it does depend on the small print and I guess on a 2008 car they exclude a lot of things that could go wrong and cost money...:Pinch:
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    Just seen this post - sorry to hear about your trouble @Stuklee2002 however, firstly, :welcome:

    How did it go with the dealer today? As others have mentioned, this should be covered by your warranty, its not normal wear and tear but check the small print. Either way, I would push for it to be repaired regardless, be firm, but polite as @Nels has said. Unfortunately, the Jazz's have their main bearings as a known issue, its pretty much their only achilles heel.

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    If a gearbox isn't covered then what on earth is actually covered? Clutch and flywheel fair enough, but gearbox? No way, they wouldn't be getting away with refusing that. Chancers.