FR-V Help required!

Discussion in '1st Generation (2004-2011)' started by ABD, Sunday 18th Nov, 2012.

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    Hi there! I am already a Honda owner and due to its reliability and good looks am now thinking about buying a FR-V as a family care. Only thing that concerns me is the amount of fuel it would appear to guzzle. Can anyone out there, reassure me? I love the look, versatility and the test drive was a dream. Tryting to be greener so fuel consumption is gnawing at me...:Aghast:
  2. It's one of the best Hondas available because it is build in Japan.

    They are very underrated and have a great reputation for quality and reliability.

    The engine is a 1.8 and not known for excessive consumption unless compared say to a diesel engine which may be less reliable.

    Personally I wouldn't intentionally abuse the environment for example by dumping used motor oil or antifreeze in my flowerbed but on the other hand I wouldn't beat myself up over something as miniscule and insignificant in global terms as this.

    I hope this helps you (but please spare me the "Yes but if everyone thought like that..." type reply!)
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    I second the FR-V, thought about it before the Accord. It won't be any less efficient than similar size cars. Six seater too.
    You could always get a Prius with highly toxic batteries.
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    Go for it ABD - you won't regret it. I'm 3 months into FR-V ownership (2.0 litre Sport) - 33-ish MPG, but a pleasure to drive with practicality thrown in. Eats up the miles effortlessly on longer trips at 70+ ish, if you're not doing a big regular commute the fuel consumption is a bit less of an issue. I had 3 1/2 years of perfect service from a 1st. Gen. CR-V, and this is even better so far. I read a lot of good reviews before taking the plunge, & like you, I was taken by all its features - ownership so far exceeds expectations. Although mine is 7 years old ( disguised by cherished number plate) I've had a lot of folk enquiring about it with positive remarks. Look forward to hear how you get on. As far as green is concerned, I'm able to walk to use my feet and bike for local trips, you can find other ways to compensate, and let's face it, all the FR-Vs have already been made, so use 'em - it's just the fuel you're burning !:Thumbup: