Suspension, Steering and Brakes help requred please bya ew ho accord owner

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by bjb19760, Tuesday 9th Jul, 2013.

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    i am new to this forum and just pround owner of my first honda accord se exec on a 02 plate 144000 miles on clock with full service history please if poss could i have some advice on it due to my beloved accord having a few faults they are has follows....
    1... no blower or air con you can here the fan but very little air comes from the vents
    2... no cruise control light show up on dashboard when you press set with the master on but take foot of acceladtor and car slows down
    3... after i start the engine a beep noise is hear but only once and no warning lights on dash
    4.... int ABS light comes on the display every so often
    any help or advice would be great thanks in advance

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    I think you've posted about some the issues already in other posts, like your blower issue.

    Please don't post about the same issue multiple times. It makes it difficult for us to help you. If you havent received a reply or you have further questions, just "bump" your thread (by adding a comment) and that will bring to the top of the queue again.

    Your cruise control issue, have you checked all the fuses ?

    I'm not sure about the beep, I don't know the 6th Generation Accords that well. Do you have an owners manual that you can check.

    Or can any other 6th Generation owners please advise Barrie.

    Intermittent ABS, what sized tyres do you have ?
    Are they the same size all the way round ?
    Are they the same make/model all the way round ?
    Is one of them lossing air (slow leak) that you are constantly replacing ?
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    Beep noise may be some form of alarm or aftermarket bluetooth mobile phone kit hidden away somewhere? When my phone is plugged into the Xcarlink in my car it beeps upon turning the ignition on to signify the phone is charging.