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    I'm struggling to add an additional car to my garage. I may be doing something fundamentally idiotic but I even asked a QA guy in the office to double check my attempt at posting and he couldn't see anything that I was obviously doing wrong. Although he was also very impressed by the forum!

    I've checked the following and tried deleting and starting fresh but the same alert pops up..
    • I've entered all the required fields in each tab
    • I have also double checked image size, format and file name.

    Anyhow here's my best guess at what I'm doing wrong..

    1. I couldn't see a 'add car' to your garage so may be causing an issue by just going through the same process as adding my original car? OR
    2. As a new member I'm restricted to one vehicle in my garage?
    Apologies in advance for stupidity and wasting someone's time!


    - - - Updated - - -
    Today is not my day. I have just noticed that I have attached my original screen grab as well as the one I went to the effort of cropping. :Epic Fail:

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  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    When you open the 'Club Garage' tab, there is a 'Add Your Honda' button. That's the starting point.
    From there, fill in the fields as requested, but be aware, some only accept numbers. e.g. mileage
    It may be worth opening an additional tab on your browser, and then viewing a similar car to yours to see what type of data to enter into the fields.
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    Looking at the screenshot I believe it is the engine field that is causing the issue.

    Remove the I-DSI and see if it submits?
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    United Kingdom David East Kilbride
    I've just tried again and think that's exactly what the problem was! :Blushing:
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  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

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  6. DeviateDefiant Co-Founder Staff Team

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    This is actually a bad bit of UX design from myself, the engine code validation looks for just alphanumeric characters and won't accept dashes or spaces. I'm going to tweak the submission page tonight to explain what is accepted for each field and some general improvements on this so future members don't have the same issue :Smile:

    You're not restricted in anyway to the amount of cars you can add to the garage, there are other new member restrictions to both fight spam and gain "trust" as people contribute more actively, you can find them in the ranks thread.
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