Aftermarket Kit helpful info: Double din surround and mount bracket. (and camera)

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    thought it was worth posting this up, just in the process of changing the standard head unit in the FR-V for an Alpine Double din affair, after much research I have found this out;

    first off, the double din surround to replace the radio, my car specifically has the dark grey dash with piano black trim, the part no. for this surround is 77251-SJD-003ZA, now I understand if you have different dash colours and trim, is the end of the part number you alter to get the correct one, the surround costs around £80 from your local dealer, I was unable to source anyone that makes an after market version.

    the mounting bracket, do not waste our money on the Autoleads one that is advertised, it does not seem to work in any way shape or form, its flimsy plastic, and was a waste of £22 quid, do yourself a favour and order the OEM mounting bracket, costs around £30 quid, much sturdier affair, the part number for this is 77255-SJD-003

    I'm no auto electrician but fitting it looks to be fairly simple, anyone need any further info I'm happy to offer it :Smile:

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    Update: having finally installled the unit, is like to add that the surround actually attaches to the mounting bracket, it has locating pins on the back and need 4 screws to secure it, then mount the bracket, found this out afterwards.

    I attached some before and after pictures for anyone interested :Smile:

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    so I also fitted a reversing camera, it was only 10-12 quid from eBay but the quality of the actual housing seems really good, I fitted it in the chrome trim above the number plate recess, luckily there is a body grommet to the right hand side under the trim so no need to drill any extra holes in the boot to run the cable, and its ideally placed as that's where the wiring needs to be run!

    it came with a 6m video cable which wasn't long enough, I've had to order a video cable extension to make it work, I run the video cable from the back of the head unit, along the kick plates on the passenger side, then up to the roof through the passenger side quarter panel trim, fiddly work but will be well worth it, I have added some pics of this also for those that want to see it (the camera looks wonky in the pics but I assure you it isn't!)

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    That looks great and nice neat camera placement. How hard was the stereo swap? The guides I have seen look a right pig with most of lower dash out and hands squished in behind to undo screws! I want to replace ours with dab and usb functions but wrote it off as too much mission....

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    tbh I didn't think it was to bad, it makes snece to remove all three lower panels below the radio, the main issue I found was access to the two retaining bolts the secure the original radio in place, I had to remove the cup holders completely to get enough access to undo the bolts, even then it was still a pain, as I wasn't using any of the original radio parts, they have screw head bolts that retain the surround for the radio, I used those instead of the original bolts as its far easier to use a screw driver than any socket/spanner.

    I think it took approx. 3-4 hours to do, though that's only because I didn't know how it all came apart (took me a while to figure the radio was bolted from underneath!) I reckon it could be done a lot quicker than that, should of done a write up really!
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    Hey al9955, whereabouts are you based? I'm by London/Kent way. I'm looking to change a few things on my FR-V but have not yet taken the plunge yet as I'm not yet confident on taking the bits of the dash apart. Would love to see your car and see the modifications you've made.