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    United States Spencer Elk Grove
    Hello everyone. My name is Spencer and I am the proud owner of a 1998 Honda Accord Lx Sedan (CG5) named "Betty". This car is my daily driver and my pride and joy. I'm located in Elk Grove, California so if you see me around, come say "Hi".

    I bought my car from my parents this past January and although it was already lowered and aftermarket sound system, I have continued to make it my own.

    With the ultimate goal of making it all about comfort and a clean simple design, I do all the work myself and sometimes the aid of fellow guys in my crew. I am the only CG5 Accord at most all of the meets I've been to.

    I have big plans for "Betty" but with college and work, it leaves little money and time. My free time is spent working on my Accord or friends cars.

    Here's a list of all that has been done to my car so far (year completed):
    - Lowered 3" with lowering springs (1999)
    - Aftermarket Deck and Speakers (1999)
    - Replaced Catalytic Converter (2015)
    - 2" Racing Spec All Aluminum Radiator (2015)
    - BBS Gold Mesh Rims (2015)
    - Engine Bay Harnesses Reloomed and Combined (2015)
    - Spectre Air Intake Filter and Intake Box Delete (2015)

    Planned Modifications [Not Your Conventional Accord]:
    - Retint All Windows
    - Resurface Headlight Lens and Install ColorShift Halos and LED Headlights
    - Powder Coat Valve Cover and Heat Shields
    - Upgrade Intake System
    - Built-in Flip Out Monitor in Glove Compartment and Headrest Monitors
    - Repaint Car Due To Bad Clear Coat
    - Respray Engine Bay to Match Car
    - Modify Seats to Fold Down Flush with Back Seats for use as Road Trip Beds
    - Install Hidden Radar and Police Scanner System
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Spencer :Hey:

    I see you've done plenty to Betty with plenty more planned for the future, good stuff :Thumbup:

    Look forward to following along as you mod her :Smile:
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    Welcome to HK Spencer. :welcome:
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    Hi Betty and Spencer welcome to the club
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    Hi Spencer :welcome: to HK.

    Look forward to seeing and hearing more about Betty.