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    On the cusp of taking delivery of a brand spanking new shiny CR-V diesel EX in Urban Titanium [metallic brown to you and I]. Highly excited and looking forward to going to Cardiff in it next Monday, a trip of exactly 100 miles one way from here on the Welsh coast.

    It is replacing a late 2006 Audi Q7 diesel auto bought new while on holiday that year. The CR-V isn't automatic, which I'll miss for a few seconds, but I have high expectations of it. No longer need seven seats, so that isn't an issue. Being British built and having a high specification at a reasonable price was an issue. As I get older [55 now, where have the years gone?] priorities change and I'm sure the CR-V will be ideal.

    I have other cars, including a year old diesel Nissan Juke that really is rather nice for a small car but has disappointing fuel economy by today's standards at 'only' 48 to 50 MPG. No issues with it and only didn't buy a Qashqai because the CR-V is a bit bigger and roomier etc. When the Juke is changed, might get a Qashqai then.

    If it is anything like as well built and reliable as my daily drive, a Toyota that is 15 years old and travelled 170,000 miles, then I'll be a happy man.
  2. Welcome to AOC.

    I'm sure the CR-V will be a more than worthy addition to the fleet.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Congratulations on your purchase.Enjoy it and hopefully it will bring you many trouble free miles.Post some pics for us to see.
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    Welcome aboard Quacker, always good to have another CR V member. Only had mine since mid October last year, but already think it's the best decision I made buying it.
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    Welcome to AOC Quacker. Seems we have an ever increasing population of CR-V owners here at AOC, so please do make yourself feel at home.

    Post us some pictures when you get your CR-V, appreciate that it may take some time for you to get over the excitement of a brand new ride :Smile:

    We also have a "Garage" section where you can upload pictures of your cars.
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    Hello & Welcome along :Smile:
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    Welcome to the Club
    was active as an ex QQ owner on there forum, must say CR-V is in a differant league to the QQ
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    Thanks for the welcome ladies and gents. Very much looking forward to delivery now. The Q7 will be a hard act to follow but the CR-V has a major advantage in that the dealer is 40 miles closer to me and (hopefully) more honest.
    Getting four year's service deal, tow hitch, flaps, mats, mood lights in the back, all dealer fitted. Probably won't use the hitch much, if at all, but it will be there if needed when or if the regular tugs aren't available. In truth I haven't got a trailer that is legal behind the CR-V yet. My trailer needs something with a 3 ton+ capacity. But I have a tow strap so I can be pulled out of trouble.:Hey: