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    Hi guys, just recently bought a 57 Honda Accord ex-l 2.0 petrol.
    I really want to change the wheels as in my opinion the standard 16inch rim looks tiny sat under there.
    I don't want to compromise comfort too much so only want to go up to 17's.
    At the moment there are 205/55/16 rims and tires on it.
    As I see it, would I go to 225/45/17 rims and tires?
    Also I have no idea about the "J" dimension for the rim???
    What would I need moving up to the 17's???

    Thanks in advance guys, and I apologise for being such a "Noob" with this
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    I'm sure the car could have came new with 17s as an option from honda,, worth checking what sizes they would have came with from dealer
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    hello and welcome to HondaKaram @Dan46
    You might find this useful. Just make sure whatever you buy match the listed specs.
    wheel size.PNG
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    Thanks that's great, although the profile sizes are different from what I'm going from and to. But it certainly appears on the 17inch rim that I need the "7J"
    Thanks guys
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    Someone correct me if i am wrong but my understanding is that if you do decide to go cutom profiles you will change the rolling diameter which will make the speedo incorrect. There are websites out there that allow you to check the error and alter the sizes to minimise the deflection.
    - - - Updated - - -
    There. Use this to make sure you are not doing 34mph while speedo is indicating 29 :Smile:
    Online Wheel and Tyre Fitment Calculator. Offset, Tyre Stretch and Speedo Error | Will They Fit
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    If going for a 225 width tyre, I'd recommend a 7.5j wheel, and if you go any higher than that an 8j.

    Also remember that the side profile is a percentage of the width... so the profile on a 205/55/R17 will not be the same as the profile on a 225/55/R17 and this will alter the overall rotational diameter of the wheel/tyre and that will affect the accuracy of the speedo.

    Now most of the time, speedos will over read slightly... there is upto a 10% tolerance in this accuracy but the law also says it can over read the actual speed... but can never under read the speed. This is to take account of how tyres wear down... You start with 8mm tread depth and the legal limit is around 1.5mm. So that's 6.5mm of wear... but the rotational diameter of the wheel will actually be 13mm less at it's lowest legal point. Take this into account when choosing the tyre/wheel and make sure it is as close to the stock rotational diameter.

    If in doubt, err on the side of caution... it's better to think you're doing 70 when really doing 65 than think you're doing 70 when really doing 75.
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    Yeah thanks for that. I had planned to go from 205/55/16 to 225/45/17 obviously to bring the overall circumference back in for the speedo.
    Can I ask why you suggest 7. 5 over the 7?
    Pardon my ignorance... I not as clued up when it comes to this.
    Thanks again
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    that is really good info, and I never thought that the 6.5mm change would make that much difference

    FWIW my car (2.4 7th Generation) came with 225/45/17 rims and tyres which were factory fitted.

    I can't tell you the "J" info about them though
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    I buoght a set of 17" storm? from a guy on TA when I was a member, the storm alloy (if storm is correct name) are the same as what's on DD's accord, and as pictured in my garage pics, I need to update pics. I then bought a set of quartz 17s from HH. I have 45 profile michelins all round. Still comfy ride. If you go for wheels other than Honda wheels, you'll have to declare on your insurance.