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    I found this website whilst trying to find a fix for a Sat Nav problem! A few idea's in the archives which I am now working through.

    I have an '09 Tourer 2.2 EX.

    Love it! (except for the sat nav right now ;-)
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hello and welcome
    Post some pics of your ride.
  3. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Welcome aboard buddy, hopefully we'll be able to sort out your Sat Nav issues :Niceone:
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    Hello and welcome Mark to AOC.
  5. Hi and welcome.

    Hope you find a fix.
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    Welcome,:Smile: fingers crossed we can help you sort that tiresome satnav issue.

    Welcome aboard pal
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hi and welcome to AOC Mark, I hope we can get your sat nav working soon. Zoran had a similar issue lately with disc error after a clean of the DVD the error vanished.

    All CD and DVD which remain in the drives for too long develop hazing and hologram dirt emebeded which needs to be carefully cleaned with the lint free cloth.
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    Interesting that you should mention it could be the DVD itself.

    I put the DVD in my MAC, and made an image copy, and burned it onto a blank (dual layer) disc, but when I put the blank disc in the car, the system didn't recognise it at all. I guess my method for burning the disc were flawed in some way (although when i put the burnt disc in my Mac, it reads it fine, and it looks just like the original one in terms of files and structure)

    I just don't know if its better to pay a couple of hundred quid on a new Data disc or getting the DVD reader serviced by Alpine (in some way).
    I wish there was a way for me to understand which was more likely to be the issue, so I don't waste my money on the other!

    Isn't it sods law that these things always happen when the car just drops out of warranty too!

  9. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Mark, I would pop to a local dealer and ask them if they would try a sat nav disc in yours.
    That way you'll know for sure if your drive or disc. As for the copied disc, it's not s good test as the copied disc won't be as good quality as the original.
  10. markbingley Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Cheers RobB,
    The problem is, the failure only happens after about 30mins of use. So a real test would require me to "borrow" a disc for a few days, and drive a lot, to see if the issue goes away.

    More details on my issue are now here, in a thread I have created:

    Thanks for the reply

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    Thanks for the idea, but my problem only happens after 30mins of use, so I would need to "borrow" another disc for a few days to test it out.
    I doubt my dealer would let me do that!

    More detail on my exact issues are here:


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  12. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Mark, if I recall correctly the Honda Sat Nav DVD is a dual layer DVD. I have previsouly made copies of the DVD using a dual layer DVD (I was thinking keep the original safe and run with these backups). It would work fine some of the time but would occasionally get stuck reading the map. I think better dual layer DVD media may help with this issue.

    Good suggestion Rob.