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    Urgent help required very frustrated New owner. Hi we have just purchase a honda CR-V I had to delete the old owners paired phones and somehow it has changed to French and cannot get it back to English I have tried everything in the manual even my honda dealer couldn't the said I have to book it in!
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    Have you tried this?

    Language reset procedure for Hand Free Telephone (HFT) system If you find that the Hands Free Telephone systems language has been changed from English to another language by accident, the owner’s manual states that you need to reset the system by giving the appropriate commands in the new language. If you encounter this problem then follow the procedure listed below to change the language back to English.

    1. Press the ‘talk’ button and after the beep clearly say ”English”.

    2. The system will now respond in English to tell you that you have requested a language change and how this will affect any stored name’s and do you wish to carry out this change, it will then repeat this statement in the original and incorrect language.

    3. Once the system has stopped speaking then press the ‘talk’ button again and say “yes”.

    4. The system will then respond by confirming that the language has been changed and will return back to the main menu.

    5. If you find that the language will not change back to English then try clearing the HFT pass code by using HDS and then try changing the language again

    Further information on this thread -

    In-Depth - Honda "Hand Free Telephone" (HFT) User Guide
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    Yes I have done next one is 5, need to find a garage that can do this thanks
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    This maybe a stab in the dark but you could try disconnecting the car battery for 10-15 minutes although I would think the HFT preferences may not get reset using this method.