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    United Kingdom George Stewarton
    My HFT on my 2009 Accord tourer doesn't work. I have managed to run the diagnostics on it by pressing and releasing the talk and end buttons and it is telling me it is ok.
    But when I try to pair with my mobile all I get is 'TEL' on the display and nothing else, no beep.
    Can anyone help please?
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Bump, can anyone help ?
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    United Kingdom Stoke
    press talk and say phone set up.
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    I found that the only way to pair my Xperia phone was to switch Bluetooth off, press talk on the HFT ans say phone setup, then press it again and say pair, it then asks you for a 4 digit code, press talk and say they 4 digits, it reads it back to you and you press talk and say yes. It says it's searching for a phone. If I now switch Bluetooth on and it starts searching and also becomes discoverable. When the HFT (it may just be a string of text) appears, select it on your phone and you will be asked for the 4 digit code, enter it on the phone and it should connect. Mine seems to lose the pairing every now and then.

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