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    Have just taken possession of my wife's old car '14 CR-V EX 2.2 -She has moved on to a German machine :-()
    First impressions are very good................with a couple of niggles
    :- Rear seat seems loose and makes a noise over bumps etc
    :- Brake pedal seems to have a lot of travel had previously looked at it and said it is common to this model ?
    Otherwise no issues so far......................
    On the positives I am looking to enhance the car and have already found the front BLUE interior LEDs and drilled them out............thanks to the forum :Smile:
    Has anyone changed the interior bulbs to LED versions ?
    Also a swap out of the Low Tone Horn must be on my agenda...................pathetic at it's best
    Would be interested to hear if anyone has tried swapping the Sat Nav for the Connect version
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @marcopolo360 :welcome:

    Bad news about the wife switching to a German car. I hope she has good RAC or AA cover!

    On the CR-V, the loose rear seat is likely a fault with the folding mechanism catch. There's a thread somewhere, but can't find it right now. Look in the 4th Generation part of the CR-V forum, sure you'll stumble across it. It's an easy dealer fix with a replacement part.

    Never heard of brake travel issues. The problem is I've had my CR-V for 18 months so may be used to it - depends what you are used to perhaps?

    I don't know about swapping the nav, I doubt it will be an easy switch but could be wrong. Not sure why you'd want to swap anyway, I had Connect in a courtesy car for a while and hated it. I then insisted on a run out pre-facelift model so I got the proper built in Honda version rather than having to put up with it. It's all fancy graphics and poor usability in my experience...

    Make sure you get your car in the club garage too.

    - - - Updated - - -
    Finally found it!

    CR-V Knock/Rattle from rear seat (Body, Paint & Styling - )
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    Welcome to the club. :Smile:
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    Thanks for the advice..........
    First time I've joined a forum so wasn't sure what to expect....pleasantly surprised so far :Smile:
    Have just recommended it to my friend who has a 2nd Generation CR-V
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