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    Hi Everyone!

    I have been lurking on here for a little while before finally buying my Accord, so a belated thank you to all of the helpful posts/posters on the forum.

    I am 26 years old and live in the South East of England. A couple of months ago my '05 Vauxhall Corsa blew a piston ring, another problem which contributed to quite a long list of issues I have had with the car in my 3 year ownership.

    As the MOT was due at the end of May I have been desperately trying to find a decent family car to part-ex my corsa against as it would have cost me more to fix the thing than it was worth - and I wanted a change!

    I always thought my next car would be a Civic Type-R but my commute to work is now about 25 miles each way and I need higher MPG with a more comfortable ride, unfortunately not something that comes with the Type-R. I looked at various cars in my price range Saab, Audi, and Volvo's but knew deep down before I started looking that I really wanted an Accord. It has so much more to offer than all of the aforementioned brands and its a Honda. Ever since I saw a 7th Generation in front of me in a traffic jam I was a fan of the 7th Generation Accord look.

    After searching a well known auto trading website for a few weeks I could see there were quite a few 7th Generation Accords for sale, but apparently not many without problems! The first one I found I stupidly trusted the dealer to 'fix' a problem with an 04' CDTI that had another location constantly on the GPS as 'your current location' and the satnav head unit would only turn on intermittently. A couple of 200 mile trips later after being told the car is fixed over the phone the car still had the same issues when I got there so I walked away losing my £100 deposit despite being offered a £200 discount on the car. IMO the head unit is one of the best parts of the dash and don't want to start my purchase with issues to sort out!

    The next one had the famous VSA light on the dash and the dealer was telling me it would be fixed with a donor part the following week. Not wanting to fall victim to this again I moved on.

    I finally found my current Accord on the third try. Its a metallic grey '06 CDTI Ex with 75k miles on the clock, FSH and no problems that I can see. Its my first diesel car as well as my first four door and have to say im loving it so far. Im not the biggest fan of the way the diesel revs but it has loads of torque, handles nicely, feels very safe to drive and is very luxurious on the inside. I spent £6k on the car in total which I know is a little on the high side but for a car that appears well looked after with good tires and a good interior im quite happy with the price I paid.

    Needless to say its a big upgrade from the Corsa. I gave the car a good polish at the weekend and will be changing the oil this weekend coming. The only downside is all my mates are telling me I brought an 'old mans car' but I think after taking them for a drive they will feel a bit different :Wink:

    See you all around the forum! :Smile:
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    Hi & welcome to AOC! :Wink: You should be enjoying your Accord every day more & more, it's really luxurious comparing to Corsa :Smile: And is it an "old mans car"? Well, I'd say Accord got two sides, two different looks, depending on your choice of looking after it. It may need just a little mods and it will turn up into superb looking sport car! :Thumbup:
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    Welcome to AOC AA86. Congrats on the move to an Accord.

    Show your friends the results of this survey and see if they still think an Accord is an old mans car
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    Thanks for the warm welcome intruder and SpeedyGee!

    I prefer to think of the Accord as a wise man’s car rather than old mans, lol.

    After looking at that poll it seems im not in the minority at 26 then which is a surprise to me too!
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    Welcome from another newcomer!

    Not too far from me either (Silchester), afraid to announce that my in-laws are even closer to you in Churt.

    Sounds like a nice car you have found.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
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    Hey bud
    Welcome to AOC DEF the place to be if Accords are your thing. I know what you mean there is some dross out there i going back to petrol after many years of diesel.
    I can't find anything close to the car I have in terms of condition.

    Sounds like you have a good one there though, oil changes plenty and often and it will look after you well.

    Congrats on the new motor :Smile: