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    Bought my first Honda just over two months ago. It's a 58 2.2 i-dect EX Accord in Silver with 36k miles. It's an absolute dream to drive but I'm beginning to think I might have made a mistake. A month after buying it the DPF light came on with no option to do my own regen. Took it to the dealer, who, to their credit did a forced regen there and then. Last week it went again. This time the dealer said they have to replace it but the DPF filters are on back order and they won't be able to get one until the first week in May.

    I'm hoping I haven't bought a wrong un but at the moment my confidence in the car in low but the dealer has been fantastic.

    Here's hoping ownership of the car gets better because I've never sold a car after two months.
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    Hi and welcome.

    DPFs do seem to cause some trouble on diesels, I hope yours gets fixed.

    It seems you need to do regular long journeys to keep them working properly.

    All the best

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    Do you do a lot of stop start driving?

    Your not the first person to have bought a Dtec then get the warning light after 2 months.:Wassat: I can't remember if the member solved the problem or not.

    The first thing I would do is to take the car for a 20 min drive to get the engine up to temp then give it a blast taking the revs right up to blow any crap out. If the cars been previously been tootling about town the DPF could be filled with a lot of crap.

    The easy option would be to remove the DPF but I would only do that as a last resort. I'm sure there's some additive that Honda recommend to help clean it. HH told me about it last year.
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    Hi and welcome to AOC sorry to hear about your DPF issue.

    Have a read of this long thread

    you will get a better picture what to look for and other DPF related threads.
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    Welcome to AOC buddy.

    Sorry to hear of your DPF issues, these issues plague the diesel industry and aren't unique to Hondas as your probably aware.

    Other than DPF issues the I-DTEC is pretty solid engine, so hopefully once you've got this issue resolved it will serve you well.