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    hi everyone well I ended up with my new honda by default I went to a garage to view a volvo v70 xc and came away with my new best friend I love my car I can't fault it the boot space which was the main reason it was purchased fits my 3 big dogs in perfectly so I thought I would check out things on here hints and tips etc nice to meet you all zoe :Wave:
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    Hello & Welcome along :Smile:
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    Wise choice Zoe and welcome. Got a photo of your car and dogs? I bought a new accord but really miss our German Shepherd. Big dogs are great fun, heh? Enjoy your new wheels. There's lots of friendly support here.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hi Zoe and welcome
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    Hello Zoe and welcome to AOC.
    Glad you didn't get the horrible Volvo.
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    A big "Hi" from a cat owner!
  7. Hi and welcome, glad you like the space, and as a bonus you get No.1 ranked reliability.
  8. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hi Zoe and welcome to AOC :Hey:,like you Helen loved her old Accord tourer for the space for the pooch.She still misses her 2.0 which wentto her old man,she got my 2.4 but her attachment with my car is not the same .I hope you enjoy your new tourer it has brought us immense pleasure and happiness since 2004 and still counting.
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the family :Smile: good to have you aboard,.. Any pics of the dogs to go along with the car??