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    just thought id join see if i can get some help:Smile::Smile::Smile:
    I have a imported Honda elysion
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    Hello Daniel and welcome to HK!
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    Hi, has it got the 3.5L V6 ? Theres loads of very clever techies on here. Just post your problem and wait for the replys. Ps welcome aboard.
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    United Kingdom Daniel llanidloes
    Thanks all for the welcome
    Its the 2.4 I-vetec engine 2004
    just the system starts up in English then all functions are in Japanese so I can get the buttons translated but need uk maps so was hoping I can find someone or even buy a disc or what are my options
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    Welcome good to see another Honda 8 seat bus here. :Happy:

    If its like the Internavi unit in mine there is nothing you can do with the maps, voice control, or language displayed. It is fun to try and practice my Japanese to see if I can adjust the temperature or turn on the radio though. You can pair your mobile with the Bluetooth and use the dialing functions and so on.

    In saying that it is still good for the radio (with bandwidth expander) Pcmcia slot with cf card for mp3's, and cd play and record functions. If you have the right format dvd's it will play them as well. I added a dvb-t that pulls in digital tv and radio and acts as a media player which is plugged into a hard drive with all the kids movies, plus a few seasons of Father Ted, Red Dwarf and Faulty towers to entertain myself when waiting for said kids . If you get a pal to ntsc converter on the aux inputs you can display feeds from your table/laptop etc.

    One very useful tool is the google translate app for the phone or tablet which allows you to take a photo of the Japanese text and translate. This can be extremely helpful when you inadvertently change some unknown setting 6 tiers into a menu tree while playing and the lovely lady starts yelling at you in Japanese at full volume.

    Owning a rarer Jap import can be a lot of fun and a bit of a headache at times. Some good sites I've found:
    JAPANESE GENUINE OEM PARTS CATALOG| (for Honda part numbers and drawings)
    【Buyee】 "Buyee" 日本の通販商品・オークションの代理入札・代理購入 (English button on top right good for accessories and parts proxy buying I bought a few things and have had good results)

    Definitely jealous I would love to have an Elysion but the motor tax here is brutal with my 2L StepWgn costing me 710euro per year and the 2.4 jumping to 1080euro per year is just too expensive. Enjoy your new motor and with a bit of time you get used to the entertainment system even with out using many of the functions its a pretty good one.
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    welcome to the forum :Smile: looking forward to seeing some pics of the car
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