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    Hi folks,

    Thought I'd join up and introduce myself along with my cars :Smile: A little about myself - I've owned Honda's for a few years now, and love them to bits. So much so I left my job in NHS finance to become a sales executive at a Honda dealership! Did that for a little bit which was great, however I've literally just wrapped that up as a job closer to home has come up that fits around my commitments better (was commuting 30 miles each way and I have a naughty labrador at home, not a good mix :lol:). Means I've got more spare time, and this weekend was the first in ages I picked up my spanners and worked on the cars which was a bit of a result. At any rate, without further ado here's what me and my girlfriend have out on the drive currently :Smile:

    '01 Honda Accord SE Executive:

    Bought it just before I turned 20, my first Honda. I had an Audi A4 1.8 20v before, and after that died I was going to get another German barge. One of my best mates however is a mechanic, and he pointed me in the direction of an Accord - he's single handedly responsible for all this :lol: A year or so ago I decided that I needed more power, and so I decided to embark upon a H22A sswap. This is still very much a work in progress, as I'm no trained mechanic and I don't have a massive amount of spare time unfortunately. Pluss I'm a wuss and don't fancy working on the car over winter!! Anyway, here she is before I started the swap


    And here's a more recent pic or two


    Still so much work to be done, but I'll get there in the end!

    '91 VW Golf:

    Bought this as a runaroud whilst the Accord was off the road. My idea was to buy something boring and practical that would get me by until I sorted the Accord. Unfortunately I found this for a few hundred quid and fell in love with it!! So now it's another project - currently sorting out parts for a crossflow head swap and a bike carb build


    '92 Honda Prelude BB4

    Bought this one last year on a bit of a whim, when I was meant to be buying a car for my girlfriend to commute in. I missed having a Honda to drive, and I was also keen to see what the JDM H22A could do! Luckily my girlfriend loves this car :Smile: She doesn't use it anymore though as she's doing 70 odd miles a day now, and this isn't fuel efficient enough


    '99 Citroen Xsara HDi

    Bought this one for the MPG and practicality, as I needed something for ferrying the dog and car parts around in. This car takes a beating, and although it's scruffy it seems to take it in it's stride. Possibly the only practical car I have ever owned! And yes, the electrics are as bad as everyone says :lol: I kind of like it even if it is French, it's quite sleek and low for a wagon.

    And finally...

    '87 Honda Accord GSi

    This one's my baby :Smile: the most recent addition, and I absolutely love it. This is my daily driver currently, and I enjoy every commute! Here's a quick pic from a recent meet


    So that's me and my cars! I look forward to having a browse around and seeing what everyone else is up to with their cars :Smile: Do we have a for sale section by the way? Always nice to have a quick look for goodies, I've found a few nice bits for my Prelude through forums!

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    Hi Josh, welcome to AOC.

    Wow what a collection of cars ! Loving all the Hondas not sure about the rest :Smile:

    Lots of questions for you :-

    Where did you find the GSi ?
    What a find !!! :Thumbup:
    That is one rare car .. check these DVLA figures out HONDA ACCORD GSI - How Many Left? !!

    So shes still running strong ? Hows her general condition ? Can we have some more pics of her please ? :Smile:
    You have got to bring her along to an AOC meet ! :Friends:

    Now for the Accord SE, are you following any swap guides ?
    How far along are you with the swap?
    I understand that the wiring is the main headache with these H22A into an Accord swap. How have you found this ?
    Have you got many pics of the swap ? Why not start a full thread on the swap ? :Wink:
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    Hello and welcome along :Smile:
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    wow I missed this thread the GSI that is a rare beast! Good to see an you tackling big jobs! Welcome to AOC bud.
    see two 7th Generation parked next to your GSI , an accord meet :Devil:
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    Hows the swap going Josh ? Any progress on it ?
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    Sorry for the delay guys!

    Things have been manic recently, so apologies for dropping off the face of the Earth!! Main reason for going AWOL was purchasing this, long story short it has been giving me trouble!


    Cheers, yeah she's one rare car alright! There's a long story behind it, but it basically fell into my hands through pure chance, kind of a right place at the right time thing :Smile: Definitely won't be letting it go anytime soon, it runs sweet as a nut and is a great car to use as a daily driver. The DOHC engine packs a bit of a punch too, and being a fairly light car by modern standards it's nice and fast :Smile: It's due up at Japfest, so if anyone is going you may spot it at the Lude Generation stand - it'll be easy to spot! As for pics, I'll try and whack up a thread for her.

    As for the other Accord, I studied a few guides and then jumped in feet first. Most guides seem to make out that it's fairly easy and any H22 engine is a go'er. I've not found this to be the case, I'm using a JDM H22A which is OBDI, and I'm trying to install it into a car which is OBDII. Throw in the fact that the 4G Prelude engine mounts aren't the same as those found in the 6G Accord, and you're into major headache territory :lol: I suspect engines from the 5G Prelude make for a more straightforward swap - AFAIK the Accord and Prelude have always shared a platform. As for progress, I haven't touched the car all winter!! I don't have a garage so the car is stored at my parent's house, and I only have the opportunity to work on it whilst the weather is decent. I'll try and get something written up, and chuck my photos in one place :Smile:
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    Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing the new threads and photos :Smile: :Thumbup: