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    Hi, I'm Craig, from Bacup in Lancs. Just got my 5th Honda, and my 1st Accord. It's a silver 2.0 exec 1999 with 52k and FSH for 640 smackers. I consider it a bit of a bargain as it's mint inside and only a couple of parking dings on the outside. It has all the toys, except Satnav, and drives like a dream. I traded a Rover 75 in (loved that car but in one year I spent 1500 quid on it, and it still wanted more! I suspect it was a friday afternoon car).

    I am so happy to be back in a Honda, having owned 1st Generation Preludes and Civics before. I can't find any faults with it so far, so all is good, but i'm sure someone on here will point me in the right direction if any occur. When I picked it up the temp gauge wasn't registering any temp at all, but it seems to have fixed itself between the 1st and 2nd drives so all is good.

    I'll be sending it for a service within a week or two. If anyone has any suggestions regarding parts I'd love to hear them, otherwise it'll be off to eBay I go for the cheapest kit available.
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    I and welcome to AOC nice into, not bad to get a Accord for a steal.
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    Hi & welcome to AOC!
    For parts give holdcroft honda a call, mention the forum for a discount :Smile:
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    well that didn't take long to get a thread deleted!! Did I break a rule? Can someone point me to the rules please? I presume buying and selling parts on here is a no no?
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    Good morning Craig
    Buying and selling is allowed and it will be visible to you after certain amount of time and posts.
    General FAQ Items
    Please read this,your answer is here.
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    I was wondering abt that aswell. I was hoping to buy a few bits off here but good things come to those who wait n all that lol.
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    Welcome to the club, Sounds like a bargain and a half there mate, I paid £700 for my 51 plate Exec with 100k on

    I wouldn't get the cheapest stuff to service it, a gen oil filter on ebay is only 9 Quid posted with a sump washer, and 5 litres of premium oil can be got for under 30 quid
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    Thanks for that Zoran. I spotted one on eBay for 30 quid, which thought was a bit expensive, but after trying one of those online brokers this morning, I have been getting quotes of up to 80 quid!! Think i'll plump for the eBay special.

    Thanks for the welcome. I already have some oil, bought for next to nothing when asda were doing a special on castrol gtx a while back. How much do I need? I have about 10lts I think.
    Looks like we both have an eye for a bargain. I managed to shop in a Rover for most of the value of the car. I loved it but it was an expensive beast. 1500 quid recently, on head gaskets, water pump, clutch, radiator, timing belt, brakes and the damn thing still lost a litre of water a day! When the Engine management light came on and exhaust gasses started pouring out of the front (it has 2) catalytic converter I had just about had enough. Luckily, it was an intermittent problem so didn't show up while PXing it :Grin:
    DON'T buy a BRG Rover 75 from Blackburn!