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    Hi, have just joined the group, I have a 5th Generation (I think) Honda Accord 5 door 2002 Saloon. I find it very hard to find information on this model, it seems to have been overlooked by most workshop book producers, so I hope members may help if I have any problems in the future. I have had the Car from new and it's coming up to 18,000 miles, just had all of the belts changed.
  2. Hi Dave, and welcome to AOC.

    The 2002 model is the 6th Generation - I had one for 9 years until I changed mine last summer - mine was the 5 door.

    Do you mean you are on 118,000 miles? - otherwise you have a very low mileage car!

    There is plenty of information about known issues in the 6th Generation section although in fact they are known to be very reliable.
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    Thanks SayamaAccord, I was unsure on the model type but the mileage is correct 18,000 miles. I had the Belts changed because of age not mileage as a precaution.
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    Welcome to AOC Dave, please do post some pictures of your 6th Generation. :cool:
  5. Paul Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    18,000! Wow that isn't even run in yet. We'd love to see some pictures of it.

    Are you happy with it or thinking of changing. Oh and welcome to AOC!
  6. Demodave New Member Getting Started

    Have placed some pictures on Blog, if the cars good for 100,000 it should last me till I'm 200
  7. Looks terrific.

    Are those Goodyear tyres?
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    Just joined this forum myself Dave - looks like a good place to find out about our cars, welcome! Very impressed with your low mileage - my last Accord was an 'X' reg coupe auto which was American built. It was a fantastic car and still going strong at 150,000 miles when I part ex'ed it for my current 2007 EX. I only replaced it as I wanted to change cars at my pace rather than being forced into buying a replacement following a breakdown. In all its life I only had regular maintenance costs, two changes of timing belts at the scheduled mileages and the rear suspension trailing arms (I think) replaced. When I traded it in there was a slight squeaking from the front suspension which sounded a bit like bushes rather than anything more serious. So - if you're keeping your car then I should think you'll get lots more mileage out of it without too much problem!
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    Welcome along Dave wow 18,000 that amazing
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    Hello Dave and welcome
  11. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hello Dave, that car has had an easy life.
  12. Demodave New Member Getting Started

    Thanks all for your feedback, the tyres are the originally fitted Bridgestones, they seem to be OK no problem with MOT so I've not changed them, is there an age limit for tyres?
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    I have a feeling six years is quoted as a life span for tyres. But I could be completely wrong on this.
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    sounds like you have a gem there! keep good care of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    regards tyres, i don't know of an age limit but keep an eye out for crazing/cracking of the rubber on the sidewalls. once they start cracking its time for a change
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    welcome to the club