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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by NeilC, Friday 27th Jul, 2012.

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    Just bought I-VTEC SE 2.0 with full service history; I've driven Hondas for the last 10 years with few problems & don't expect this one to be any less reliable than the previous ones I've owned. :Smile: It's been good to find an Accord owners club online with access to experts if something should go wrong, though...
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    England CJ Leeds
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    Hello Neil, and welcome to AOC. Why not pop some pictures up of your car....
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    Neil hi bud and welcome

    You will find them a great bunch passionate about all things Honda

    Welcome :Thumbup:
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    Hi yah! I'm new member here too! joined last night, its always nice to get a reply so I'm sending you one, hopefully nothing will go wrong, I had a rover 620i with a honda 2.0 VTEC engine and had no probs at all with it.
    he!he! the car started to fall to bits but the engine was still super.
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    Welcome to the site hope you enjoy it!