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    Looking forward to collecting my 2005 FR-V 2.0 Sport, successor to my 2000 CR-V, the best car I've ever had, 132,000 and good for another 132k with regular maintainance & TLC. It was bliss after a short but disastrous relationship with an elderly BMW 5 Series. My username shows the first wee Honda I had in the 1960's, started first time every time and ran like a wee watch in contrast to the old Vespa I had before! I'm of bus pass age, but still like the room, comfort & style of the FR-V, also have four grandchildren and it'll carry my bikes. This seems the best and most active Honda Forum, with room for other models than the Accord. FRVs seem like hen's teeth to get, and rarely seen on the road - do owners wave as they used to with my 2CV and Classic Saab 900 ? P.S. I also have a Honda Lawnmower, again, utterly reliable!
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    Welcome to AOC buddy you have the same affinity for Honda as I do and it great to hear from people like you.

    Petrol Honda will be reliable as long as the oil is changed, please do post pictures of your new FR-V Honda, (not interested in Germans car :Wink:,you won't find sympathisers here.)
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    Hello and Welcome to AOC. FR-V's very common down here in London, although don't even come close to the amount of Jazz.
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    Thanks for your kind responses folks - yes, loads of Jazz's up here too. Odd how the FR-V wasn't pushed, the MPV Genre is much in evidence on the roads, C-Max, S-Max, Zafira, Tourans, Picassos, Espaces etc. Well, got the car last Tues., and although it's still "honeymoon time", absolutely over the moon with it - though how do you manage to check the coolant level the way the sight reservoir is situated ? As requested, picture attached.

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  5. Hi and welcome from a former C90 owner, it's obvious you have seen the Honda light!
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    Hi and welcome :Smile: