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    Hi all :Wave:

    I'm the proud and happy owner of a 1999 Honda Civic Coupe (EJ6) which I've owned for the past 8 years. In that time its gone through a lot of changes from the big body kit when I was younger to currently being a more performance focused machine.

    The reason I've joined is that I need a daily car, as the Civic travels further down the modifying route towards a track and summer toy I want a comfortable daily driver with some mods cons, add to that I am doing more mileage at work and get paid for mileage I want something that's more economical and I don't mind putting some miles on to. The Civic is on 76,000 miles and it seems a shame to put more miles on it trundling up and down the motorway.

    As I'm a Honda fan and want to stay with Honda I've been looking at getting a 7th Generation 2.2 CDTi, probably around the 100k mark as I estimate I'd only be doing about 10k a year so the higher mileage isn't a major concern. I've been looking at a number of cars on eBay and think that £2.5-£3k is a reasonable price for what I am after.

    The issues I know I should be looking out for are covered in Diesel Faults post in the 7th Generation section.

    For those that may be interested in the Civic, and because I like to share, there's a run down of the spec below;
    Full Respray in Honda Grand Prix White
    B18C4 Engine Conversion
    Tegiwa Carbon Fibre Induction Kit
    Blox Intake Manifold
    Japspeed 4-1 Stainless Manifold
    Custom 2.5" Stainless Steel Exhaust System with 3" Outwardly Rolled Tip
    15x7" Rota Slipstreams with Yokohama Parada Spec2 195/45/50 Tyres
    MeisterR Superlow Coilovers
    EK9 Front ARB
    EK9 Rear ARB
    Blackworks Racing Rear Subframe Brace
    Skunk2 Front Camber Arms
    Skunk2 Rear LCA's
    BuddyClub Rear Camber Arms
    Blackworks Racing Toe Arms
    282mm Front Brake Conversion
    Rear Disc Conversion

    The Civic will be coming off the road once I've got a daily so that I can strip down the bay and complete a full wire tuck and battery relocation, smooth and paint the engine bay and engine, change all bushes and underseal the whole car. The plan is to basically get it all ready for tracking it a lot during the next year and look to turbo it next year.
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    Hi Effi, welcome to AOC.

    Start a thread in the Car Projects section for the work that you've done and plan on doing on your EJ6. :Smile:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Please post pics of the Civic.As for Accord why not try 2.0 petrol if you going to be doing 10k miles a year.
    Hope you find a good example.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys.

    I have also considered the 2.0 Petrol, as I've known of often mentioned rule that unless you do over 10k a year there is no saving to be had with a diesel however as the majority of my mileage is on motorways it seemed best to go with the diesel. If my thinking with this is flawed then I'd be happy if someone could correct me. I'll be honest, my focus has always been on performance in the past and not efficiency so I'm not as informed as others may be in this regard.

    I'll look to put up a thread dedicated to the Coupe when I get a chance.
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    Welcome Effi,

    Which ever fuel car you chose make sure you cross everything twice and get a second pair of fresh eyes to cast over a I-CTDI.

    It happened ever since the diesel was introduced Honda Petrol owners have gone in blind and hoping for the best. Petrol owners don't know the A to Z of diesel and they get bitten hard and expect cast iron performance when its not there.All I would say stick with what you know best and don't become another victim of diesel phantom ghost.

    One the flip side there are a minority of diesel cars out there with high mileage which are sound as pound,finding them is as hard as rocking horse poo. The reality now is if they are not remapped they have been knifed and poked and the life has been sucked out of them and refreshed up for a sale.

    I would even go further and say people should stop buying the I-CTDI as second hand cars the car production stopped in 2008 and they are well past its usable life.

    If you need to stay with diesel stay with the newer I-DTEC.
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    Thanks for the info IchibanAccord. I had just been considering the diesel and not really given the petrol a thought due to wanted economy I believe I may have had the blinkers on. Following the mentioning above of a petrol option by zoran I have been looking in to things more recently and a lot of what you say rings true. Although the MPG is better on the diesel so can be cheaper running around, I feel this can be quickly offset by other costs and time I'd have to invest on research to allow me to maintain it effectively myself. I know my way around petrol engines so would feel more comfortable with one. I also forgot to consider that the first and last journey of my working day are short hops to work of around a mile and this would be no good for a diesel engine. Its seems that in such a short time my first post has become untrue, I am now looking for a petrol Accord!
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    Keep us posted bud, sure you will find a decent car.