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    Hi Guys
    Owned a 2004 2.4i Type-S Tourer for over seven years. Love the thing,fast, comfy and carries two stupid Boxer dogs in style. Only done 34K miles and has been very reliable i.e. rear discs and calipers replaced through lack of use I guess. VSA light just come on, ho HUM big bills in town.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Lot of 2.4 owners here
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    Hello Bob and welcome to AOC.
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    Hiya and welcome to AOC - great place here with lots of help from everyone about anything Accord!
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    Hi Bob
    Welcome to AOC i like the 2.4 not got one i have one of them diesel things but love it all the same

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    Welcome to AOC fellow 2.4 owner :Smile:

    BTW the petrol Accords don't really have any VSA issues at all. If the VSA light doesn't go away by it self let me know I have HDS (Honda Diagnostic System). I'm not too far from you and can check/clear it for you :Friends:
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Welcome Bob your VSA light may be down to a faulty wheel sensor however wheel senors failures on a tourer are non existent. the saloon offside suffers failures and is common.

    So without your car being looked at we can't say , I highly doubt your VSA module has failed.
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    What a welcome. Many thanks, guys. I'm very grateful.
  9. Hi Bob and welcome from another 7th Generation tourer owner.

    Glad you love the car - I feel the same about mine.

    I agree with CJ, the VSA light on a petrol is a rare thing so not within general forum knowledge, so you need to get the fault properly diagnosed by Honda.
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    Welcome Bob i agree with the lads pop down to your dealer i no their is an extended warranty on the VSA on the diesel upto 64k, i think so might get some help their as well, CJ will no more on this