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    Hello All
    Just joined this forum
    Over this weekend i was given yes given a Honda Accord SE Executive on an 02 plate wth 36,000 miles done.... it was my father in law's car and being 93 was no longer able to drive due to an progressive eye defect.... i do not know anything about Honda apart from their reliability so i am hoping your good selves will help me out should any problems arise i have taken out insurance which
    cost £240 fully comp and it is taxed and MOT'd till july. I have two other cars one is the Ford Focus Estate which i have probably sold to a friend and my other care is my pride and joy an
    1st Generation MX5 but she is in storage at present. So i am looking forward to participating in this forum and to making new friends
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    Welcome to AOC Paul, you have a really low mileage car :Wink: regular oil changes and being on top of everything will keep any issues at bay.

    Please upload some pictures.
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    Welcome to AOC
    Very low mileage for its age,well done for finding such car.