Introductions HI from croatia

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    Hello everybody,

    I,m from Croatia and I drive a 2005 Accord 2,2icdti Executive model I joined the forum to get some tech info on my car

    btw Accord great car

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    Welcome to AOC :Hey:
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    Hi and welcome
    You have the same car as me :Smile: is yours silver? Get some photos posted
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
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    honda2. honda3. honda1.

    This is my car Cheers
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    Vujke, nice looking Accord :Thumbup:

    We couldn;t see your pictures, I have fixed this now but please see this thread for correct way to attach pictures
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    Ok! Sorry will do next time :Thumbup: Btw I can`t find the tech subforum 4 my car i would like 2 find the navigation wiring because mine has died ... ty
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    We have some info in Wiki section but your post count needs to be higher to see that.

    We'll try a dig up a diagram for you soon.

    - - - Updated - - -

    When you say died ... what exactly is the issue ? Just not coming on at all ?

    How do you plan to fix it ?
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    @SpeedyGee. Yes not comming on at all it has been over 2 weeks now and it`s starting to be a pain in the *** :Smile: I think I will first check the fuses but my owners manual is in Itallian and I don`t know a word of it :Grin: So i have to find the diagram for the fuse box under the drivers side and under-hood fuse box. I keep reading that there is a fuse box under the passangers glove box but i never tryed to find it i think i have to pull out the glove-box. I hope that the problem is a fuse. That would bi nice. :Tongue: But i think that I have a bad ground some where in the wireing harness of the center console. Or that my dvd rom under the LCD in the center console has died I am going to take out the dvd rom and I will take it to a electric servis so they can check if there is I don`t konw to say it in english but in croatian we say something like "cold solder" I mean if there is a bad soldering connection.

    Fixing navigation unit plan:

    1. Check all fusees ( under hood fusebox, drivers side fuse box and passanger side fuse box - i don`t know where this one is) - I need wireing diagram
    2. Take out dvd rom take it to an electritian to check it for a bad soledring connection
    3 I have to find a way how to find a bad ground in the wireing harness for the center console ( I read something somewhere that you use a multi-meter set it to something and you can find a bad wire/groun like that)

    So you see I got this thing all figured out but I don't have the wireing diagram for anything and i don`t know what color jack in the harness is for what.

    Cheers :Happy:
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    I replyed to your post but it sayed a moderator has to approve it ... because it`s long i guess... btw Does anybody know how to connect the dvd rom and navi unit outside of the car? like in this video: Honda Accord Radio COdE and Repair - YouTube

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    You would need the wiring harness to do that OR know what wires to connect up on the bench. A wiring diagram is a must for you to be able to do that.