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    Hi every one at accord owners club, for those who do not know Swindon the Honda factory was built on Vicars air field, used exstencively in the second world war as my grand dad use to point out to me in my younger days, this was the first place I ever saw titanium steel then it was still on the top secret list, any way moving on when at one time I lived in Swindon I worked for Press Steel Fisher which became BL (British Leyland) and now the home of the mini from there I moved back South from where I came and worked for British aerospace on airframes at Bournemouth air field. Now that I am retired I live in Cyprus and have just aquired a Honda Accord, 1993-95 I think, the engine is a F20B JDM on an CD4 chassis, it is not with out it's probems, vacuum being the main culprit at the moment, I have done a smoke test on the vacuum side and cannot see any leaks, which is good news, I now suspect the brake servo the reason I say this is because when I apply the foot brake the engine cuts out, all the pipes are good, when the engine is running I push the brake pedal to the floor which seems quite excesive, I have done a make shift vacuum test on this unit buy pulling out the check valve, there doesn't seem to be a rush of air as I would expect, the check valve it self is holding preasure. I am driving at the moment with out the servo and there is no problem with the engine stopping, a good way to build muscle on your right leg if you need it. If any one has any othere sugestions please let me know. Because Cyprus is quite small (there are probably more cars in London than all of Cyprus) getting hold of parts is like collecting rocking horse dung so I am looking for parts in the UK conpatable with my Accord here so any information will be a gem, the parts that I buy will be posted to my friend in the UK and he will post them to me, he will save them untill I say post. OK guys sorry to rattle on but as a new comer I thought I would put every one in the picture from the start.
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    Hi Brian and welcome,

    Cyprus must be nice and warm, its 2 degrees C here today so nippy.
    I used to have a Swindon Accord also, being fairly local (Gloucester) it filled me with pride cruising past the factory when I was in Swindon.

    Does sound like your brake servo, remember also that era Accord was also a Rover 600, so you should be able to use parts from that also.

    Lings Honda have a great catalogue with all the parts diagrams at prices, just input your chassis number:

    Honda Car Parts / Genuine Honda Parts | Honda Cars | Honda Motorcycles | Honda Power Products | Lings Honda

    Also consider gettings quotes from sites like The Parts Gateway: Find A Part sign up and they send your request around 10 or so specialist Japanese car breakers giving quotes on used parts.

    Hope you sort it out.

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    Thanks Rich, As I say Cyprus not easy for parts so your information is of great value, yep I think servo as well, I just got this gut feeling that the master cylinder is leaking into the servo although the brake fuid id up to its level the foot brake travels a long way to the floor, I also noticed that when I reconnected the engine vacuum to the servo I could hear this high pitch whisle sound for a few seconds then it stoped, it could be a co-insadence perhaps?.
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    well here I am again guys from sunny Cyprus, I was in Pafos today went to go home got in the car started the car went to put it into drive and it would not shift, I remember mentioning a noisy relay inside the car I think it was behind the centre consul it happened every time I push the brake pedal, well there is no noisy relay now, so it must be the brake relay to the gear shift, I have removed the radio and all the other bits that where in the way and I find a relay on the end of a group of wires, it's a Denso 4 pin relay, just to make sure I have the right one does any one know how to test this relay, there are no markings, thanks guys.
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