Introductions Hi from Dundee.

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    Hi peeps.
    Really inmpressed with the site, it'll take me a while to get through all the info lol.
    I have owned a 2001 Honda Accord 2.3 Type-V for almost a year now. Still puts a smile on my face everytime i get in. I've just treated her to a full set of Michelin Pilot sport 3's and the grip in the wet is amazing compared to the Arrowspeeds that were on the car. Get what you pay for I suppose :Smile:

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    Welcome Phil to AOC, I too have Michelin Pilot sport 3's on my tourer 18 inch wheels they are excellent soft tyre with good grip, just wear too quickly.

    Glad you enjoying your Type-V :Thumbup: Honda must employ a group of people to make all Honda behave so neurally and easy to use no matter who they are.

    I say Honda should be awarded in this area there is no other car which inspire so much confidence so quickly.
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    Welcome to AOC
    Used to have Pilot sport 3 on my last Accord and was very impressed with them.
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    Welcome along
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    Hi Phil, welcome to AOC.