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    Hi all

    Just joined your forum and wanted to say a quick hello. Been a Honda fan since working for them in 1998 - 2000, had a many different Hondas in that time. Let go of an 04 2.2 CDTI 3 years back and have a Civic Aerdeck now and an old CR-V kicking around but the aerodeck is for work as it carries the tools I need and even though it is 12 years old and 112000k on the clock, starts every day and still goes like the clappers, it is a VTI though!! Miss the eco of the diesel but horses for courses as the saying goes.

    I am a Mobile Dent Repair technician and provide detailing and smart repair services and have worked on a fair few Honda's in my time so don't be shy to ask any advice with reagrds repairs etc, it is free after all!!

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    Welcome to AOC , :Hey:

    I am sure a few will have the call for your expertise.
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    The Dentman !

    Hi and welcome. Great offer of yours which I'm sure members will take advantage of. Darn shopping trolleys, heh? :Sobbing:
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    Thnaks for the welcome guys, happy to help if I can. :GoodJob:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC:Hey:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC :Wave:
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    Hi and welcome to AOC, spot on site this - I think your going to fit right in here:Thumbup:

    Welcome bud..
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    Welcome Dentman :Hey: