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    Ireland Richard Cork ,Ireland
    Hi all

    Just joined your forum and wanted to say a quick hello. I bought 2009 2.2 I-DTEC Honda touring , Its my first honda but syre thing not last one :Smile: .
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Welcome to AOC Rick :Hey:I pick my Tourer 2.4 on Monday. Please do post some pictures of your car and if you would like a free club sticker for your car please drop me PM with your address.
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    Hi Rick. First Honda for me too - See 8th Generation Forum. Welcome and enjoy.
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    Hello and welcome to AOC:Wave:
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    Hi Rick, I'm relatively new here also. It's a great spot here with tons of info on these cars, welcome.
  6. Ichiban Guest

    Hi Beefy.
    This concerns the classic battery under the hood only, not the IMA battery.
    The Insight (classic) lead acid battery is really small and is not even build to propel several times the starter engine. In your car, it's the IMA battery that propels the IMA motor to start the combustion engine. You do have a classic starter engine on top of that because Honda builds everything quite 'failsafe'.
    If you listen to the radio, ignition switched off (in accessory positon), you will use that very small battery only.
    If you car is in 'auto stop', than it's the IMA battery that powers everything.
    The small battery only needs to deliver enough power for the IMA ECU so that one can steer the IMA battery to start the car.
    What you experience is independent of the IMA battery or its state of charge. But anyhow, it does is possible that the classic battery under the hood needs replacement after a few years. You can try to charge it properly first, though (= smart charge). This means a slow, continuous charge that stops automatically once fully charged. Typical brand for such a charger: Optimate.