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    I've been lurking on this useful forum for a while but I've started contributing more now my current Accord is 10 years old (see garage entry).

    I've had 4 Accords from new (2nd Generation 85-92, 5th Generation 96-99, 6th Generation 99-02 and my current 7th Generation 06-16).

    I'm interested in buying a newer car but I'm finding it very difficult to find a car as quiet & refined as the Accord. It seems car design has hardly progressed in the past 10 years apart from improved infotainment systems.

    One of my bugbears is the trend in modern car design to increase the wheelbase or reduce the ground clearance (or both!) which results in a poor breakover angle (see and the inability to negotiate a steep change in incline (e.g. steep driveway) or severe speed bumps. My current Accord is fine but newer Honda designs have poorer breakover angles. Mazda cars are quite good in comparison.
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    Good to see you joining in more now @sc489
    You've got a well kept 7th Generation there.
    As for ground clearance, I've not encountered any issues in my CU1. Just stay clear of the models with sports bumpers and side skirts. i.e. ES GT, EX GT and Type-S.
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    That's a great introduction thread @sc489 :likeit:

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    Hi @sc489 Welcome to Honda Karma :Hey:
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