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    Hi My name is Lawrence Attard. I live in Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean. I just bought a Honda Accord model year 2007. It is an Executive model ICTDI - diesel 2.2 ltr. engine.

    I am very happy with my car. I never owned Honda before.

    I am only having a problem with the Hands Free Telephone system. When I tell the system the phone number of the person that I want to add, the system mistakes the number 2 for a zero. I tried several things, including writing to Johnson Controls, to no avail. Johnson controls did not even reply. I followed all the instructions in the manual very carefully, with no luck.

    Can anyone tell me if they have the same problem and if there is a solution to it please?
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    Could it be you accent?

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    I don't have that system and use the IceDevice hands free from .... it is also an MP3 player and mobile phone charger. I bluetooth music from my iPhone but you can also use SD cards.
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    Thank you for your help. I have asked different people to try and use their voice for me, but it still does the same thing. When I say "zero", it accepts it as a zero. My phone is a Nokia N95 and does not "sync" the phone data with the car's HFT system unfortunately.
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    Have you tried a full system erase and see if that helps the N95 is a compatible phone with the HFT so it not hardware related.

    Since the 7th Generation address book can only be modified via voice commands there is no way of manually inputting it . The 8th Generation you can do a phone book sync which does away with it.
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    Thank you for your suggestion. How do I do a "Full system erase"?

    I have now managed to make the system accept the number "2" by saying "TTe", by putting more enphasis on the T and less on the e. Although it is not the ideal, it has now worked.