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    Hi there, I wish I could say I'm a proud Accord owner, unfortunately I can't. I'm about to send a letter to Honda UK and I thought I'd just copy and paste it here before I do. I'd love to hear any opinions or advice and sorry it's so long.:Blushing:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    Unfortunately I feel the need to express my dissatisfaction with my vehicle, Honda servicing and Honda UK.
    I bought my car brand new from a showroom. I don’t know much about cars but have always taken care of my car to the best of my ability by ensuring that it never ran out of fuel, oil or water, for the rest of the maintenance I trusted in Honda services.
    However, the problems I’ve had, to me don’t seem normal, even the gentleman at the service desk said that these problems are uncharacteristic for a Honda Accord. I also have two family members with Honda cars and I know a few other owners who have never had the amount of problems I have had. Within the first three years, the manifold exhaust had to be replaced, a year later, the car wouldn’t go over 60mph which cost hundreds of pounds to be repaired, the engine has been getting louder every year, the screws that hold the mechanism in the driver’s door just ‘fell out’ and I couldn’t close the door, the clock has to be adjusted by 3 minutes every 2 months, the glove compartment isn’t flush when closed, the LED underneath the heated seat switch failed and there have been other problems that I’ve had to pay for which I don’t remember exactly, but if you check my records you can see that the work carried out is specified as ‘unclassified.’
    In the past I’ve turned a blind eye to all these problems, never asked questions, and had all work carried out by Honda because I actually like my car when it’s working properly and I trust that your mechanics will do a better job than taking it elsewhere.
    Recently though, I’ve had bigger problems which have caused me so much stress and misery that I just have to complain. Around eight weeks ago, the clutch was occasionally rumbling when slowing down and coming to a stop in first gear, sometimes the whole car would shake and twice the engine cut out completely. I took my car to Swansway Honda in Stretford, explained the problem and also told them that there were noises coming from the engine (which incidentally I had told them about prior to the previous two services but my car still came back after those services making the same noise). They kept my car for three days, told me that there was no fault and returned the car to me. I was taken aback but thought I would just have to bring it back again a bit later when the fault would be more apparent. The rumbling happened again a couple of times over the next few weeks but the car didn’t cut out again so I thought it was still okay for a while until one evening I was driving to Manchester from Scotland. The engine became louder, the car slowed down and then stopped completely whilst I was on the motorway with my wife and one year old daughter. It was a frightening experience for them stood by the side of the motorway with high speed traffic at peak time waiting for recovery. My car was towed back to Swansway Honda and I was told that my oil pump chain had snapped and had therefore starved the engine of oil causing extensive damage beyond repair and the engine would have to be replaced.

    I contacted Honda UK and was told on the telephone by a lady named Laura that;

    1) There is no record of me having brought my car in for a fault.

    2) The chain can just snap at any given time, without warning and is unforeseeable.

    3) The reason I had brought my car in a month ago had nothing to do with the
    engine failing.

    4) When Swansway Honda couldn’t find the fault, I should have taken my car
    elsewhere for a second opinion.

    Beacuse Honda UK instantly rejected my claims. I’ve had to write this letter in order to give a clearer understanding of my experiences.

    And in response to the above points;

    1) I had a loan car for the three days from Swansway Honda so it can be proven that my car was brought in not long ago, also the service people would hopefully verify that I had car trouble at the time.

    2) I’ve done some research, asked a couple of mechanics, used the internet and yes the chain can “just snap” but is unlikely to happen to a car with reasonably low mileage (mine is below 70k) and one that has been well maintained. The reason I’ve been to Honda for all my services is not to have my book fully stamped but to receive the best care for my car and to build a personal relationship. They know me at Swansway, but they should know my car even better. They should know exactly what work has been done in the past and what might need to be done for the future by the age, mileage and comparisons to other Accords. They should know that rattling sounds coming from the engine could be something to do with the timing chain or oil pump chain and after 7 years or at around 70k miles it’s possible that the chains may have needed some attention. I’ve also learnt that the chain can wear out due to excess soot in the engine oil and therefore it comes back to the inadequacy of the services. If oil changes are not included in a routine service then the mechanics should have advised me that it might be a good idea to replace the oil, I would have gladly paid to have it done but it was not recommended.

    3) I don’t think the mechanics at Swansway put enough effort into finding the fault when I brought my car in, they said they had no idea what it could be. They should have contacted other, perhaps more experienced Honda mechanics and found out why my clutch was rumbling and the car had cut out. They should have asked me if I was willing to pay extra to have the engine removed and investigate the problem further. Had they done this, they would have found the fault, thus separating it from the engine failure. Or they may have discovered problems with the oil pump chain and the loudness coming from the engine and prevented its failure. Therefore, there is a correlation between what has happened and why I originally brought my car in.

    4) Yes that was actually said to me, I know, unbelievable isn’t it?

    I put my failed engine down to the incompetence and negligence of the mechanics at Swansway. Another example of their negligence relates to the LED under the heated seat switch mentioned earlier, which stopped working within the first two years. I told Honda about this when my car was in for its third service and still under warranty. When I got my car back after the service I realised it hadn’t been repaired. I asked why it wasn’t fixed and they said “it was too much trouble.” That is when I should have stopped going to Swansway altogether. However, I’ve continued going there for the last seven years for all work to my car, services, parts and even recently during this whole experience, I’ve authorised bodywork to be done which amounts to £1700 which could have cost me less than £1000 had I gone to a standard bodywork shop.
    I’ve spent thousands of pounds on repairs already, it’s only 7 years old and has just 70k miles on the clock which isn’t a lot for a Honda. I’ve also paid for the best service possible to maintain its functionality and reliability but haven’t had that. I’m very disappointed and have almost run out of patience completely with Honda. I can’t even get a call back from Laura who was supposed to call me nearly two weeks ago, she called once last week but I was at work and couldn’t answer. She didn’t bother to call back later on and every time I’ve called she’s busy.

    I look forward to hearing from you, in writing or by telephone. My preferred phone number is 07XXXXXXXX. If I don’t answer I’m probably at work, so please try again later.

    Yours sincerely
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    I doubt you will ever get a satisfactory response to that letter you would have been better on the phone to Honda UK or to the dealer principle.
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    all about swansway in stretford, I heard and read a lot about them, so I'm going there just to buy parts as it's close, I've been there once to diagnose cracked manifold, with obvious signs like soot on the turbo, smell of fumes they said that crack is too small and I can drive with that, well they also said that if I want they can remove the manifold, but if Honda UK decline claim because " too small crack" I'll have to pay for it myself, I took my car to swansway in stockport, they confirmed that there is carcked manifold and they replace it under warranty, sorry for OT, but I just wanted to say about swansway in stretford.