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    Just bought a white 1997 Honda Accord 2.0is (5th Generation) as a daily runabout to get me to work/station and back.

    I spend the whole day cleaning her TCut, polish and hoovering out etc as had been stood for a few months and there was geen mould in a few places! She has only done 84,000 miles and I only paid £350 for it with Tax and MOT til Feb 2014 also brand new exhaust has recently been fitted. The last owner had it for 10 years, but unfortunately he died recently and the family just wanted to get rid of the car .

    A few scuff on the bumpers and a few parking dents but runs great!

    My only potential problem is I only got one key with it and it is the transponder type so need to type and source another key without it costing a lot!

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    Hi Tony,

    you got yourself a bargain bud.. another key will be expensive just make sure you don't lose the one you have. For what the cars worth a new key will be half the cars value.

    lets see your 5th Generation :Hey:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Looking forward to see pics of your car.