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    Not an Accord owner yet but i'm on the lookout for an Accord 2.2 dtec tourer, Ex or Ex Gt variant, stressed out looking for the rite car at the moment.
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    Welcome to AOC bud :Hey:I hope you find the right car, plenty of info here for what to look out on the I-DTEC cars.

    If you get stuck search and ask if you need help.
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    Welcome to AOC
    Good luck and hope you find a good one
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    Hey bud and welcome to AOC

    My only advice would be read up on the cars good/bad points and make very sure the one you buy has all the good and none of the bad...

    I don't know what you have been driving, me I am quite fresh to Honda myself but I spent agreat deal of time looking through this site before buying and I can honestly say it prevented me buying a money pit. I looked at least a dozen Accords before buying the one I have now but patience pays off....

    Good luck with the search and keep us updated.. Any questions come a knocking bud someone here will have the answers..

    Good luck
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    Thanks lads:Thumbup:

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    Hi, just sold my baby, an immaculate 2006 Impreza that i purchased new, it was running 380bhp and had only covered 12'600 miles, and in the process of selling my immaculate 2007 Renaultsport Clio 197 with 26'000 miles on it, so i'm making a big sacrafice IMO :Frown:
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    Looks like i've just purchased a 2010 Accord 2.2 I-DTEC Ex estate in black...