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    Fraser Portugal
    Afternoon all. I'm about to buy a 2002 CR-V from another Brit who has just moved here. I intend to use it to go home in with wife and 2 dogs...we're presently house hunting in the Isle of Wight. Thing is, the drivers side window has ceased to function. I have been reading that there was a recall on the switch. From the owners description of the failure - " the motor kept running for a while then stopped", it sounds to me that the regulator has died as well as the switch. I've also noticed that, on e-bay, regulators come with either a four or six pin connector...can anyone tell me what the difference is? Incidentally I'm trading a '99 LHD Aerodeck for the CR-V plus a couple hundred Euros. Any info or advice anyone can give me would be deeply appreciated. I did a search on the forums, but didn't find what I need to know. Oddly enough the passenger side regulator on the Aerodeck went a few years ago. I removed it and my local garage managed to repair it very cheaply. A rather different mechanism, however!
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    There are a few posts on here about windows. If you play around with the words through the search function they should come up.
    With many members distracted by Christmas and New Year, there may be a delay in a definitive reply, but I'm sure some body will be able to give you a more helpful reply.
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    I'd start with the window switch. You need to use a multimeter and ascertain if it has indeed failed. Resolve that first if it is an issue, you can then move onto the regulator is that also needs attention.
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    Fraser Portugal
    Thanks for the quick replies. The car isn't in my possession yet... but having gleaned from youtoob that the switchgear is easily removed I may be able to go 'round to the owner's place and check the switchgear...ta for the idea...hadn't thought of digging out the multimeter - duh.
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