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    My previous introduction seems not to have worked, or is just very slow, so if this appears twice i apologise.

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 2.2 I-CDTI (a 2007 facelift model) this week.

    I've previously owned 3 toyotas:
    1999 1.0l Yaris S
    1999 Gen 6 1.8 Toyota Celica SR (special edition)


    53 Plate Gen 7 Toyota Celica T-Sport


    All three were my pride and joys especially my T sport which I adored

    However working a considerable distance from home meant i was popping a huge amount of cash into the tank each after 2 1/2 years with my T-sport I went diesel and plumped for a 55plate Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.9tdi

    Worst mistake EVER, horrendous car. Great to drive on smooth twisting A-roads but thats it. I could have a whole thread dedicated to ranting about this car so I sold a Honda (more on that later) to fund getting rid of this waste of space. Hopefully I'm going back to jap and the accord this time. I was previously an active member of Celica-Club UK - Europes No.1 Celica Owners Club and hope to be so on here to. Hopefully I will love the accord the way I loved my celicas (and still do) and my other Hondas

    Im also a keen biker and to fund getting rid of the seat my winter project that turned out not to be a project, or make it to the winter, was sold a 1997 Honda VFR 750f


    Leaving me with just my two wheeled (and engined, as Im also keen on my mountain biking) pride and joy which is my 2001 CBR 600f-1


    for fun i spend my time spray painting bike panels and helmets, riding motorbikes and mountain bikes around various areas of the country and im an avid martial artist (practicing Goju Ryu since 1989).

    sooooo, thats me pretty much.
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    Hi Hicks
    Hope you don't go the same way as your name sake :Smile: good film though

    You have some good stuff there interested in your thoughts on the vfr 750?

    Welcome to AOC bud
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    Welcome to AOC Hicks.

    Those T Sport engines are fun to drive, kick the cams in and feel her take off :Smile:
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    I hope not to, it would be painful.

    VFR was a great bike, the torque is superb and if you stick an aftermarket exhaust on it you'll be accelerating and rolling off for fun just to listen to that moto gp-esque engine note. Its comfortable but still fun to ride. If id had it longer it probably would have stayed and the cbr gone but I've done so much to that vfr that its my baby and i can't part with it just yet.
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    Welcome to AOC Hick , love the VFR a proper bike.