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    Hi All, :OTT:

    Just purchased my second Honda, first was a 99' Civic EK, and now I am a proud owner of a 2009 2.2i-Dtec Accord Saloon in what I believe is called Brushed Metal.

    I saw the car at Startstone Honda courtyard a day before going to on holiday, I went away, came back and the car was mine. Which is not the most ideal way of buying a car but I guess I let my heart rule my head. It had full Honda Service History and not so high mileage so I was satisfied. It doesn't however have alot of things I would have liked, Sat Nav, Parking sensors etc.

    So over time the plan is to try and update/lift the interior by installing the Accord Sat Nav unit, I believe it can be done however required a new wiring loom. I also want to swap the interior lights with the LED alternatives and generally tidy/freshen it all up. Any advice/pics/alternatives will be hugely welcome.

    On the exterior the plan is to do some subtle but clean work, A boot lip, painting/wrapping or completely changing the front grill, Head and tailgate lights swapped with HID/LED alternatives and the finishing touch will be a new pair of 18" shoes, preferably the standard multispoke 2009 Civic Type-R ones. If anyone has them already or wants to recommend any then please feel free.

    Any advice as to where I can buy these parts would be hugely welcomed? Do we get a club discount anywhere?

    More importantly is there anything I need to be Vary off with this 8th Generation Accord? Any common problems?

    Many thanks for reading. I look forward to updating you with the pics/latest on the car.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

    Kindest Regards
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    Hello and welcome to AOC
    Have a look in wiki and 8th Generation section for common faults.
    I DTEC is a good engine and does not seem to have too many problems so far.
    Few people had DPF problems so make sure correct oil is used.
    Clutch slip has crooped up few times and check door speakers if they are working properly and are not blown.
    I would recommend sports grille like mine and Delta 18 alloys are the best looking I think.
    Look through the Garage gallery for some inspiration.
    Good luck and post some pics.

    Forgot to add, for discount on parts accessories etc we have Holdcroft Honda.
    Give them a ring and mention AOC they should be able to sort you out with whatever you might need.
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    Welcome to the forum :Hey: Hope the Accord turns out to be a great car for you.

    The Delta alloys that Zoran mentions do look fantastic, but there are also the Honda Sigma alloys where there were some deals available - may be worth asking Holdcroft Honda if they still have any and cost.

    There are some on eBay with a Honda dealer, but a bit expensive (probably negotiable though!). Mine cost £400 delivered from HH last year. Depends what look you are going for really...

    Set of 4 Genuine Honda 18" Sigma Alloy Wheels to fit: Civic 06-11, Accord 03-08 | eBay
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    Congrats on the car:Thumbup: Try these for parts.

    The original xenon headlights will cost around £750 a set it would seem
    accord headlights xenon 2010 | eBay

    Clear type-s lights Ooo sexy!

    Black headlights. Smokin!
    2009-2011 TSX R8 LED Black CCFL Halo Projector Headlights Lamp | eBay

    Honda Genuine 4x18? Alloy Wheels FULLY REFURBISHED | eBay


    Boot spoiler + Sports Grille - go to a Honda dealer

    Roof spoiler

    Stereo (I don't know anything about it. If it works with existing car buttons it might be worth it)

    Autoradio Car DVD GPS Navigation SAT NAV Player For Honda ACCORD 2008-2012 | eBay
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    Thank you so much guys... Great info & help.

    Zoran: That's good to know, I have read alot about the DPF issue so will keep an eye on that. Your car looks really nice and loving the Grill & alloys... I will do some more research into the alloys etc. and I've been reading everywhere about HH, wasn't sure what that was. Good to know its Holdcroft Honda.

    Ed (First Honda) - Yeah I like the look of these alloys too. I will contact them regarding the price etc. Thanks

    Racy Jace - Thanks for all those links, I didn't realise some of that stuff which existed. I have just ordered my boot lip, should be here in a few days. Regarding the stereo I was going to get an original accord one and get that fitted into mine... someone advised me that it would require a new wiring loom but can fit into the existing car. Will do some more research.

    Thanks Guys.
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