Accord/7th Gen Hi I finally got one!!! Some questions

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    I have wanted an Accord for years and now I have just bought one. It is a 7th Generation sport model in grey and is a diesel.

    Paid a very good price for it. 94k on the clock.

    I have two things I am unsure of...

    1) Does my car have a trip computer showing MPG and if so how can I access it?

    2) I am looking to add a aux adapter from ebay and the one I am looking at is a 'Connect 2' which is the cheapest I have found. I don't know if it is compatible with my model. The item descriptions says will only work on the pioneer stereo. How can I find out if my standard stereo which is a single disc unit is Pioneer or not?

    Your answers and replies are much appreciated.


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    Nice looking motor, welcome to the AOC:Hey:

    There is unfortunately no built-in trip computer on the 7th Generation. There's a number of different AUX/USB/SD/BT adaptors that will work with the system, other notables ones are GROM and xcarlink. I just purchased a Eonon system with built-in bluetooth and SD for £49, can't attest to its quality as it hasn't arrived yet.
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    There is a built in trip computer on the 7th Generation Accord. But it wasn't introduced until it was facelifted in late 2005.
    Xcarlink is your best bet for an aux source. It has been fitted many times now by people on this forum with no problems so far.
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    Thanks for your input guys. Really appreciate it I have gone for the connect 2 and it works brilliantly. cd quality and very convenient to use.
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    Welcome to AOC Shayequr01.

    That's a very nice looking Accord, why don't you add some pictures to your Garage, see this thread for more info

    We do a Car of the Month using the pictures uploaded to user profiles.

    It's also good to new entries in this thread :Smile:

    For the Aux in, personally I would stick to either Xcarlink or Grom, those that have chosen others have run into frustrating issues.
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    I will update my garage shortly.

    My username is my name except the 01 of course.

    I have gone with the connect 2. It has it's limitations but has done the job for now.

    I also have a yaris d4d and a gs300 for weekends.

    I'm currently looking for an eg6 vti hatchback and e30 325i coupe to add to my collection so if anyone here knows someone who is looking to sell then please let me know.

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    hi lads. sorry for bringing up an old thread but this is just what I was going to query and seems I found it now.

    this am I rang my local I.C.E. place and he said my options for adding mp3/usb/aux are limited with this car (03 tourer Type-S with seperate climate control for left and right)

    I asked if he could just fit my pioneer deck with all above functions already underneath the original stereo. he said it was a pain to rewire but that I could have a bluetooth headset kit fitted and that would gove me the aux (not sure of the usb).

    anyhow. I have now managed to find this thread. so, can I confirm:

    is there no way of adding my pioneer head unit as I like the practicality of the mp3/usb/aux?

    if not, I am looking at the where SpeedyG pointed me to... problem is the cost of buying the unit then having it fitted by the SoundMan cos I wouldn't wanna knacker my mechanics... so. is there an easy fix to fitting in this unit and if so is there any instructions anywhere please