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    So after having Nissan Primeras for 15 years and having terrible trouble with my last one, im looking to buy an Accord CDTI estate. I've got around a £3000 budget so the mileage is going to be about 120k. I read the clutches and timing chains can be a problem and would appreciate some feedback on what to check for when I look at them. Thanks in advance.
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    :welcome: to HK @KindJester

    The 7th Generation I-CTDI is a fabulous vehicle but does have problems if it hasn't been correctly maintained.
    Incorrect or infrequent oil changes will cause wear to the timing chain and has been the ruin of many. Look for a good service record.

    If the clutch needs changing the dual mass flywheel may too. This can be quite expensive. Also, you need a special tool to fit this clutch, so it's best taken to a dealer.
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    Welcome @KindJester, you picked the right forum to join.

    I have one of these cars, best move I ever made. @Nels is correct, good service history will reflect in the car's reliability to you as the new owner. It takes a little time to find a decent one that's been respected and cared for. The odd one comes up on the forum now and again, so that may a solution for you.
    The Tourers tend to be 'keeper' cars, by that I mean, people don't want to let go of them as they just do the business.

    I use mine for work as a daily and for the dog twice daily. I wanted a car that I could just get in, turn the key and it went with no questions asked. Perfect answer - good choice in the diesel Tourer, go for a facelift one if you can (2006 on), as they had a few little improvements across the car, the cabin, body work and mechanical.
    Check the forum link here Bulletins & Advisories - Differences Between Facelift & Pre-Facelift

    There is a good information thread guide within the Accord part of the forum, Bulletins & Advisories - FAQ & Faults: Wealth of Information Inside courtesy of @Ichiban
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    Welcome kindjester!

    I've owned my diesel tourer for over 7 years / 85k miles (now on 165k miles). I struggle to think of how I might replace it, if I ever need to.
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    welcome to the forum :Smile:
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