Introductions Hi I'm new...just got a 1999 Accord 1.8i S Saloon...

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    Hi All,

    I just got my first Honda...thought i'd say hi. i'll put some pics up soon

    '99 T reg saloon
    1.8i S
    1 owner from new

    i love drives so well.

    I may need some advice on some DIY over the next few months if anything needs doing to the car...but it seems ot be running very well so far.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hi and welcome to AOC
    look very nice clean car,enjoy.
  3. Hi and welcome

    Nice car, had one for nine years myself, SE 5 door, any questions ask away
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    Thanks Sayama!

    What kind of MPG did you get?

    And how on earth did you change the pollen filter!? Apparently it's hidden behind the there a write up anywhere on this?

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  6. It depends on the type of driving, it was thirsty with cold start commutes, in the 20s, but did 40 on a motorway run.
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    Hi Guys,

    Wasn't sure where to ask this...and i did have a look through the site...

    What type/ make oil should i use in my car? I know it should be 10w40. I got the oil filter from euro car parts yday (about a fiver for a BOSCH filter) But don't know which make oil to go for...or does it not really matter?

    It's only done about 3600 miles since last feb...but i think i will change the oil and filter anyway (at some point over the next couple weeks)

    I can't believe i've not had a Honda before. It's great! I've always had BMW's and VW's.

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    Hi fella, like you I've come from VAG and BMW in the last 2 months and the differences so far are helpfull dealers, great prices from Holdcroft Honda (best to put 'holdcroft' into the search function and have a quick read on how to place and order via the online form) and my gen6 is better put together than an E36 or E46.
    Oh and Honda today have been awarded most reliable cars.
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    Welcome to AOC Navaccord.

    Any of the popular brands of oil will do the job. Just don't go for the cheapo oils.
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    Cheers chaps!