Introductions Hi - My Dad's Time Warp Honda Accord Aerodeck!

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    Hi, just joined the forum after contacting @DeviateDefiant who has kindly agreed to let me put my dad's car for sale on this site. My dad sadly passed away 2 years ago and this car was his pride and joy, only went out on special occasions and rarely in the rain. Washed and polished every week he loved this car which is why it so hard to let it go. However my mum feels it is time now but wants it to go to a good home where it will be looked after, hence we have not advertised on any auction sites, Autotrader or part exchanged the car. We feel a club member would appreciate and look after her, so we are trying here first. The car is a 1995 Honda Accord Aerodeck ES with the 2.2 engine. She has covered just under 79,000 miles and although has not been on the road for some time now, she is started regularly and then driven up and down the drive, the battery is always on charge via a CTEK device. Whenever it has needed anything doing to it this has been done. It has leather interior which is immaculate as is the bodywork. It was involved in a car park incident when someone backed into the drivers side of the car causing panel damage to the door. The insurance company wanted to write the car off due to the age but my dad as having none of that and it was eventually repaired to a high standard. I have ran a HPI type car check and there is no "write off recorded", the report is available for anyone who wants to view. The car has no MOT and has been off the road nearly 4 years, however it is in such good condition I can't see that it would need much for the MOT.
    The car is located in Darlington, Co Durham and viewing must be by appointment, ideally this Saturday (2nd May) as I will be at my mum's house and can show the car, however can do other times but I live in Peterborough so would need to arrange.
    If you want a totally original Accord Aerodeck then this will not disappoint, it is in fantastic condition.
    I have provided some pictures but there are more if required.
    If you have any questions just let me know.
    The car is priced at £850.
    Hopefully I can find her a good home.
    Thanks for reading this
    2014-11-23 13.58.15.

    2014-11-23 13.59.50.
    2014-11-23 13.58.54.
    2014-11-23 13.54.15. 2014-11-23 13.55.55.
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    Sorry to read about your loss.
    I hope we can find her a good home. :Hey:
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    Sorry to hear of your loss @chris62

    The car looks in fine condition, I hope a good buyer comes forward for her.
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    Did you manage to sell her @chris62 ?

    She looks lovely, and was clearly very much loved by your late Father. The car is a credit to him, and hopefully somebody has come forward to look after it just as well.
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    I wanted one of these sooooo much. Too late now.
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    It looks a nice example but sadly with no MOT you'll be lucky to get £500 for it in the real world. Have you thought about getting a ticket on it?