Introductions Hi, Need help with a 2003 HR-V dashboard light cluster removal

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    I have bought a 1.6 HR-V (2003 model). I need to take out the dashboard instrument cluster to replace blown lights behind the speedo/mileometer, ABS warning light and the brake light. Can somebody tell me how to remove it from the dashboard without breaking the plastic cowling?
    I have looked to see if there are screws holding the plastic in place and there is nothing I can see. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks Dave
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    I can post a few images to help you on the proviso you do a thread with the actual l pictures when you do the disassembly and reassembly of the binnacle?
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    The dashboard is something I've never tampered with on mine never needed to.
    As @Ichiban has said make sure you do a write up and add some photos for future reference for others.
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    No problem. I can take pictures plus comment how easy/ hard to remove the binnacle and to re- fit. I have another question have you had any dealings with the rear offside ABS sensor? I have started to have a problem. I have had the car checked using a plug in diagnostic unit that said the sensor required changing because it shows an error. I bought a new one and fitted but it still shows an error even after resetting. The new sensor was bought from a euro-Japanese car parts supplier. This cost £38 compared to Honda who want to charge £200+. Does this mean I need to buy from a Honda dealership?
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    not able to help with your questions but welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    :welcome: to HK Dave :Hey: