Introductions Hi new 8th Generation member here. Accord EX GT

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    Hi all.
    I've been browsing for a while, just getting used to the site and it seems a friendly place:Thumbup:

    I purchased a very clean dark grey 09 plate 2.2 I-DTEC Accord EX GT with all the toys (LKAS ACC etc) 5 months ago and I love it. She has done 155000 miles but the engine and bodywork are in great condition as it's a 1 company with a full Honda History including her FIRST clutch and DMF just changed at 153000!!
    The only bad thing I can say is that most of the suspension bushes are feeling worn which you can expect from a car of this mileage but this will be addressed by my friend's garage (not honda) when the service is due. :Thumbup: Also the fuel economy isn't great,(WILL NOT do any more than 42mpg at 70mph!!) again I put this down to the mileage covered. Although I have managed to get 44 across town, which I find very strange! Is this normal? The wife's 320d will do nearly 60mpg at 80mph :Sobbing:.

    I have always been into Hondas (my dad's fault) and have had various over the years including a Prelude 2.2 and 2 Accord Type-R's which I adored. I have been a member on for years now!
    Now I have an 8 month old whom I will be ferrying around and the wife has a company car so as I'm now an ageing 34 years old it's time to grow up!! I looked at all the other euro-boxes (A4 3 series,insignia,mondeo) and decided the Accord GT is a rarer sight on our roads and is a handsome car with good handling and reasonable amount of power.

    Looking forward to being part of this community although I was wondering how many posts you have to make before you are entitled to the parts discount from the Honda dealers on here?

    Regards Simon
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    Hi mate, welcome the forum...

    As I was told before you, just contribute to the forum and the community and you'll get there eventually.

    I wish you best of luck!
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    Hi mate and welcome:Wave:. I think you may have a rare car as I havnt seen an EX GT with the LKAS on here yet.:Thumbup:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC.
    Sounds like a lovely car.
  5. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Welcome to AOC and the exclusive ADAS club, your car is proof honda I-DTEC are the ones to go for and not the I-CTDI.
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Just out of interest, what does ADAS stand for?
    Also regarding my low fuel economy, should I put this down to the mileage of the car or could there be another issue? Surely I should get a fair bit more MPG on a motorway at 70mph than I can get driving slowly across town?
  7. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Honda's Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) see our article section for the indepth analysis of the various technologies under ADAS.