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    Hi Folks. Having had numerous cars over the years...l've just bought my very first Honda a 2003 2.2 cdti tourer. l bought it knowing it needs work.. the dual mass clutch needs replacing & the power steering rack is leaking. so as you can imagine l paid not a lot for it. car has had 2 owners most recent for 9yrs with a complete service history 131k on it... body okay runs well ( won't go anywhere as the clutch is goosed.. ) anyway l look forward to getting it back on the road in the near future. Nice to find your club online.
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    Good luck with the project
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    Hello and welcome to HK.
    Go for genuine Honda DMF & clutch if you want to keep the car and expect reliable performance..
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    Welcome to HK @kenjera

    You've got some expensive work to do on your tourer - The DMF is not cheap.

    The clutch needs to be fitted by someone that has the right tools for the I-CTDI . Many people say they can do it, but if they don't have the right equipment, you'll be throwing money away and have an unreliable clutch!

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    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies...nice to meet you all... it's a project alright lol.... l'm a mechanic by trade now semi-retired & l hate doing dual mass... l've a mate works for Honda as a mechanic who can get me the extractor for the clutch... ( l was going to use a LUK clutch set up as they've been okay in the past) as it's my car l'll be doing it.. it'll give me the chance to get acquainted with it... especially as l'll be replacing the steering rack plus giving it a full filter & fluids change at the same time. l'm in no hurry to do it now but will before winter certainly, Once again Thanks for the welcome & info....
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @kenjera :Hey:

    That's a pretty big job. Have fun with that :Smile:

    Where will you be doing it ? Do you have access to ramps ? (Just curious)

    Steering rack can be replaced whilst doing the clutch as the subframe will need to pulled anyway.

    Would love to see lots of pics of this epic job being done :Smile:
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    LOL, so you know just what you've let yourself in for - Well that's half the battle.

    As @SpeedyGee says,
    That would make a great thread! :Thumbup:

    Cool avatar
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    Welcome to the club mate and good luck with the work. :Niceone:
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    Hi Guys, Thanks for the feedback ... l'm old school my 12yro mobile has a camera but l don't have any accessories with it (old faithful works fine once you've tightened the elastic band) so l'll take pictures & post a thread for you ...
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    Welcome @kenjera !

    A 2003 diesel Accord is very rare... That must be one of the very first.
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