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    Hello all,
    I have just bought a 2006 2.2CDTI Accord Tourer (facelift model) with 130k on the clock. Has full dealer service history and drives excellent for the mileage. Hoping to keep it for 3-5years.
    Everything works perfect, but having driven it for a couple of weeks now there are a couple of noises that are beginning to irritate me. I accept that the car is high mileage, so should not be perfect, but was wondering if anyone out there has any thoughts on these two issues:
    1. Vibration type rattle is coming from inside the drives door, you can hear it when going over rough ground and when tapping the door from the outside as well. Any thoughts? How easy is it to get the interior door panel off to have a look?
    2. Knocking sound from rear when going over bumps. Thought I had fixed it by realising that the spanner from the blown tyre stuff in the boot was loose, but secured this and it the knocking is still there. I spoke to the honda garage that serviced it and they confirmed that bushes were replaced last year. I test drove a few Accords of this age and mileage and noticed that a number of them had the same noise. Is this common and an easy garage repair?

    Love the car, but would love it even more if these two things are sorted.
  2. Hi and welcome.

    It's possible 2. may be an anti roll bar drop link. You can check for excess play in the ball joint by moving the link.
  3. Costs £95 for a Honda dealer to fix through Honda Happiness IF it's that.
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    Taking th door panel off is very easy, theres a screw in the the grip hole under the rubber mat and a screw behind the door handle under the plastic cover. Remove the triangular piece where the rear view mirror is on the inside, then panel is held on by snaps around the outer edges of the panel (just pull and it will come off)
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    Matt Peterborough
    As Samaya said most common is the ARB drop links or bushes. Both should be easy to replace yourself if you handy with a spanner. Hardest part is probably undoing the rusty nuts.

    Did they say which bushes were replaced?
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    Didn't specify which bushes, will contact the garage again to get some more info. Knocks don't seem to be related to a specific wheel, could this point to ARB drop links?

    JayRuge - thanks for the info about the holding screws, on a 400 mile round trip this weekend so may try it next weekend. Looking forward to 50+MPG (had a 3.0 petrol estate before and would struggle to get 20+MPG - will be quids in).