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    Hi guys,

    I wanted to introduce myself; I'm Krish and recently bought a CL7 K20 as my workhorse.

    I do 550 miles per week and this Accord came up at a good price with LPG conversion done.

    Car had 11800 miles when I bought her and had the conversion done at 81000 miles.

    Just before I bough her the following was done:
    Front Lower Wishbone Bushes
    Oil Service using genuine parts - Whenever I buy a new car I service her straight away using genuine filters and quality oil. So nice to see the genuine filter already on there when I came to service the car.
    Clutch Kit

    Since I got her (7 months ago) I have done the following:

    Full service using genuine Honda parts from Cox
    New Discs and Pads all round with all sliders re-greased.
    Front upper wishbone bushes
    LPG Service and map calibration
    Auxiliary Belt
    HID kit - I never put these kits on but the light visibility was so poor and my route to work and back is normally on un-lit b-roads.
    Another Oil Service - Done 10k already!!!!!

    Things to fit:
    Rocker Cover Gasket
    Ingalls rear camber/toe kit - EXPENSIVE!!

    What can I say about the car/Honda.......

    Great drive, very comfortable and with the LPG very economical. Good reliability (so far) and I really can't fault the car for what I need it for.

    Only problem I have with the car (possibly all Hondas) with the lack of low down torque :Frown: I want as much usable power as possible and the Accord is not a car I want to sit about 6000rpm all the time.

    My other car is an MR2 Turbo so I'm not chasing power or want to mod the engine for more torque but a little more torque low down would do wonders for this car - K24???

    Pics to follow at some point. Seems like a nice bunch of people on the forum.

    Krish :Smile:
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    Hello @krish and welcome to HK! Good to hear that you are enjoying your CL7.
    Why not add your car to the club garage .. How to add your vehicle to the Club Garage (Guides - )
    Gives you a nice place to document all the history and work you do on your car. You can also visit the club garage to look at other cars and their progress.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @krish :welcome:

    Your Accord looks pretty tidy, but :morephotos:
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    Morning Guys, club garage added and more pics to follow :Smile:
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    Welcome :Smile:
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @krish