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    Hi all,

    just wanted to introduce myself! Had my 2004 2.4 Type-S for about 7 months now and it's been a pretty decent runner, although inherited a few problems from previous owners :Blink:

    Been using my Accord to commute between Leeds and Manchester daily, getting decent MPG about 36 running VPower Nitro, that's not bad considering I'm a bit heavy on the throttle at times :lol:

    Not afraid to get my hands dirty so will be doing what I can to freshen the car up a bit.

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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hi Gareth and welcome to AOC
    36 MPG is actually pretty good for 2.4.Post some pics please.
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    Hey bud
    Welcomed to AOC im looking to convert back to petrol again and that sounds good mph for a 2.4 :Smile: get some photos up for us to have a gender at..
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    Hi guys,

    The 2.4 petrol is definitely worth converting to, although it only seems to run best with the higher octane Shell I've tried the supermarket super unleaded and it doesn't like it at all.

    I'll get some pics up tomorrow.

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    Hi Tookers, also love the 2.4 petrols had two of them now.
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    Hi guys, took some snaps of my Type-S

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    Hi guys,

    Been a while since I've been on here. I've been working away from home for the past few weeks so only been driving the Accord at weekends.
    I had been looking to replace her with something else, luckily the car I wanted had already been sold so I'm sticking with the Honda.

    I'm looking at sprucing her up, just bought her another set of shoes; gone with the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 again.
    Got a minor service & MOT this weekend then I'll be replacing the air intake with a K&N Typhoon (69-1209ts).

    After that I'll probably swap out the brake discs for some Black Diamond discs, they've got a unique stealthy appearance.

    Then down to the heavy work, my clutch is well and truly on its way out, getting a noticeable jolt when engaging the clutch.
    Will be looking to replace this with either the Exedy stage 1 or the stage 1 from CG Motorsport.

    After that I'll be looking at a new exhaust system, something with a discreet note nothing too scooby.

    Once all the mechanical is done, need to get the alloys refurb'd might go with a matte black finish, calipers also need respray so might go with a dark blue to match the body.

    Will post up pics as I'm going!