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    Hi i'm Paul living in Huddersfield and on my second Accord (which I bought from HH).

    I modified my first Accord (suspension, brakes, alloys, remap etc) and did it all my self but have decided to keep this car standard, for the moment....

    I'm reasonably technically minded and willing to offer advice where I can. Hopefully we can make this site into a massive base of sound Honda knowledge. The foundations look solid so lets build upwards!

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    England CJ Leeds
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    I must admit I stole it from another site :Smile:
  4. Hi Paul and welcome to AOC.

    As you may have seen from another thread I'm going to do some work on my front suspension next Spring so I'll bear in mind your kind offer of help and advice!
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    Hi Paul
    Don't paint the wheels????
    Ha ha ha
    Still got the mini or has it gone ?